Need for Speed: Most Wanted Remake Leaked by Voice Actor

A remake of EA's beloved racing game Need For Speed: Most Wanted has apparently been confirmed by a voice actress.

The Need For Speed racing series is still held in high regard today, being one of the most beloved racing games ever. The franchise has been somewhat sidelined in recent years, so much so that not even the release of a film has reversed the situation. However, it seems that a voice actor might have leaked the arrival of the remake of Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Check out all the information below.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted Remake Leaked

Need for Speed Most Wanted Remake Possibly Leaked

Need For Speed Unbound, the latest chapter in the arcade racing series by Electronic Arts and Criterion was unfortunately only a “good but not very good” racing game, as per critics. And if a few weeks ago someone decided to take Need For Speed Underground 2 and give it new life, recently rumors of a remake of Need For Speed: Most Wanted have started circulating. Now, however, there is good news in this regard.

According to a now-deleted tweet circulating online, in fact, a remake of Most Wanted has apparently been confirmed by a voice actress.

A Need For Speed: Most Wanted remake appears to have been publicly unveiled ahead of an official announcement from EA. Simone Bailly, who plays Sergeant Cross’s partner in the original title, said: “Need For Speed: Most Wanted Remake is being released in 2024, LIKE and comment if you want to see Cross (Dean McKenzie) and his partner (Simone Bailly) hunt down the most wanted.”

Bailly has now removed the post, but the likes on Twitter suggest that fans’ hope remains very solid. While there are two games that go by the Need For Speed: Most Wanted name – the first one launched in 2005 on PS2 and the other came out in 2012 on PS3 – it’s the first title that Bailly was referring to, as she didn’t star in the version PS3.

We recall, for the uninitiated, that the game in question was an open-world racing title in which the police could hunt you down for vast stretches of the map, and it was also considered one of the best chapters of the franchise.