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Need For Speed Heat Gameplay Video Shows The Game Hasn’t Changed

The first trailer for Need For Speed Heat was released yesterday at Gamescom Opening Night Live and now we have a 7-minute gameplay video. The video showcases both day and night racing and the difference it brings to the game.

On the graphics part, the gameplay looks better than ever, Need For Speed has always emphasized on making their games graphically strong and this is no exception, but if you only consider the gameplay aspect of Need For Speed Heat. It just looks like any other previous game they have released.

The two races shown in the gameplay video have different time of the day and depending on that you will have various factors affecting the game. In the day time, you can see the lack of cops and players can still enjoy a race uninterrupted. Though the race has taken part in an industrial area, the detailing in almost everything is amazing.

You get the same nitro boosts, but the icons have changed slightly, apart from that there isn’t much to differentiate.

The second race takes place at night and this is where things start to get a bit more interesting as you get to see heavy cop involvement. The Law Inforcement will try their best to curb this illegal street racing and you have to race and evade the cops at the same time.

Every time you bump into a cop your heat slightly increases and the more heat you have, the harder the police will be on your tail.

But as the name goes Need For Speed Heat is all about making a name for yourself and though it isn’t explicitly stated anywhere. We might get to see the return of Razor, the main antagonist from Need For Speed Most Wanted which was released back in 2005.

His name is prominently displayed in the Need For Speed Heat Studio App which was released, which lets players customize their cars and if you check out the decals section you can see his name.

Need For Speed Heat is scheduled to be released on November 8 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.