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Need for Speed Heat – How to Enable Cross-play

You can play with anyone

Need for Speed Heat becomes the first game to support cross-play. Touted as a technical achievement, developers of the various game are trying to serve the best gaming experience on a single plate. But cross-play has found to be unachievable setting boundaries players of console and PC to play apart. Finally, NFS Heat becomes the game that comes with cross-play. This means you can play with your friend no matter if they are on console or pc. Here is how you can turn on Need for Speed Crossplay.

How to play with friends in NFS Heat (Cross-play)?

GM of Criterion games had announced about the cross-play support in NFS Heat. All you have to do is update the game. Any recent patch will enable cross-play in Need for Speed heat. From June 9, 2020 NFS Heat crossplay is enabled by default allowing players around the globe to play together.

Now your platform does not matter, if you are on a pc and want to play NFS Heat with a friend on console then this is going to work. The platform of choice restrictions are removing making NFS Heat the first game to break this limitation.

Everyone can just jump into the Plam City together and compete on common grounds. Need for Speed Heat is also coming on EA Access and Origin Access Basic on June 16, 2020. Subscribers will have free access to the most popular racing game title. Just hit play online, customize your car on the garage and you are good to go.

NFS heat does not feature support for offline multiplayer. But you can invite racers layers online to play with you. Around 16 players are allowed under the invitation program, you can either choose to complete challenges or just roam around. Players can join you in the event and help you in completing a task. Or just race to win, the new NFS Heat cross-play support will let players enjoy it more without restrictions.