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Evil Dead The Game: Best Demon Necromancer Build

Don't you just love playing as the bad guy! Check out this guide on the Best Demon Necromancer Build in Evil Dead The Game.

The Saber Interactive game Evil Dead offers you the chance to play as the Kandarian Demon. Whilst everyone loves being the hero some of us love being the bad guy. Your objective as the Demon is to raise your army and stop the players from progressing. Playing against four Survivors is going to be difficult unless you know the Best Demon Necromancer Build in Evil Dead The Game.

Evil Dead The Game: Best Demon Necromancer Build

Necromancer Build Best Evil Dead The Game

How do you come victorious in a 4v1 situation? By using a good strategy. Before you dive into the Best Demon Necromancer Build in Evil Dead The Game, we suggest you upgrade your Necromancer Class to at least Level 35. At Level 35 you can progress your skill tree to a level which corresponds with the level best suited for this build.

Internal Energy is your best friend in this build. In the early game build keep collecting internal energy, setting traps and spawning those basic portals. This will help you level up your Threat Level much early and you will not end up fighting the survivors with a low threat level. As your Threat Level keeps increasing concentrate on upgrading Basic Portals and Possession.

As soon as you are about to battle the survivors, drop the Flautist behind a rock or house nearby and make sure he is hidden. Your Flautist is one of the most OP character. He just plays the flute and your entire army is buffed up and even the basic skeletons deal better damage. If the Survivors don’t find the Flautist they are about to be brutally beaten.

In mid to end game concentrate on levelling up the Elite Unit and the Boss and then and only then think about upgrading the Internal Energy. Do not forget using the Flautist and keep spamming your armies on the survivors at this stage. The Boss Necromancer will unlock on Threat Level 10. Maybe you won’t even need him by now but the better the army the easier it gets to win.

Necromancer Skill Tree Build

Necromancer Demon Evil Dead
Image Source: OhTofu (YouTube)

As mentioned earlier, you need the Necromancer Class to be upgraded to Level 35. Once you reach this level, these are the skills in the Skill Tree that we suggest you use for the build –

  • Start with maxing out the first skill, Rock Steady: Elite.
  • Unlock these other skills in the first row till column five, namely Seismic Smash, Trident Missile, Portal Authority: Boss and Expanded Skeletal Support.
  • Heavy Damage: Basic and Heavy Damage: Boss are not really important at this stage in relation to the build.
  • Unlocking the second row is of no use to the build.
  • Next in row three, start with maxing out the first skill Rock Steady: Basic.
  • Just like the first row unlock skills till column five, namely Louder War Cry, Test of Time, Come Back Stronger and Flute Force.
  • The build requires you to unlock the first two skills in row four, Infernal Revenue and Portal Authority: Elite. Focus on maxing Portal Authority here.
  • In row five, max out Rock Steady: Boss, Portal Authority: Basic and Health Raiser: Boss. Also unlock Scarier Demonic Dash in this row.
  • In the last row, max out Health Raiser: Basic and unlock four others.  These are Energizing Demon Dash, Bone Rage, Irreparable Damage and Skeletal Reinforcements.
  • Any skill points left after this should be focused on unlocking Gates Of Hell in row five both Basic and Boss.

Important Things to Remember

We suggest you do remember this small list of details during the build –

  • Keep Setting Traps and charging up on Internal Energy. This will increase Threat Level more easily.
  • Keep a watch for terrified Survivor. Possessing them will make your task easier.
  • Use the Dash Attack on the Survivors before you go to recharge your Internal Energy.
  • Keep Flautist hidden from the Survivors and spam armies of Basic and Elite unit.
  • Last but not the least, Unleash the Boss and suck the souls of the Survivors.

Use this order of level up from start to finish. Basic Portals + Possession > Elite Portals + Boss > Internal Energy. This was the best Demon Necromancer build in Evil Dead The Game, check out more guides, tips and tricks on Evil Dead The Game  while you are here on Gamer Tweak.