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How To Block In NBA 2K24 (PS4, PS5, Xbox)

Blocking shots is an important part of defense in NBA 2K24 and we will explain how best to do it in the game.

Defense is as important as offense if you want to win in the NBA 2K24. While scoring points gets the attention, preventing your opponent from scoring is often the key to victory. An effective way to stop your opponents is through well-timed blocks. However, blocking shots successfully takes practice. From mastering timing to perfecting your positioning, we’ll show you how to block in NBA 2K24.

How to Block in NBA 2K24 (PlayStation and Xbox)

How To Block In NBA 2K24

To perform a block in NBA 2K24, you must first position yourself near the basket. This will give you a better chance at intercepting the ball. Once you see your opponent attempting to shoot, quickly press either the triangle button (for PlayStation) or the Y button (for Xbox).

Timing your blocks is crucial to being successful. You don’t want to jump too early, or the offensive player can fake you out and get an open shot. But the shot will sail over your hands if you’re too late.

The Best Way to Block

NBA 2K24 has several types of blocks, including straight-up jump (swat), chase-down, and volleyball spike blocks. The most common is the straight-up jump block, where you jump vertically to swat away a shot.

  • Mastering Timing: Timing is critical in blocking in NBA 2K24. Being even slightly early or late can lead to a failed block attempt. If you try to block a shot too soon, your opponent may fake you out and get an easy layup.
  • Positioning Yourself Properly: Being in the correct position is vital to successful blocking. Make sure to stay close to the ball handler to increase your chances of getting a block.

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