NBA 2K22: How To Level Up Quickly?

Some handy tips and tricks on how to level up quickly in NBA 2K22.

Are you looking to level up quickly in NBA 2K22? If so, we have some perfect tips and tricks that you should definitely follow. Following these steps will help you to farm XP with ease in the game. So, scroll down and have a look at the best methods to gain XP fast in NBA 2K22.

How to level up quickly in NBA 2K22?

NBA 2K22 Level Up Quickly

The best way to level up quickly in 2K22 is to simply farm for XP in the game. There are various ways to get this done. Now, the best way to do this is to take part in the Gatorade Training Center Matches. These matches are the best way to farm for XP in the game. To add to this, you can even apply double XP cards.

These cards remain active for quite a while and have time limits. So, simply activate these cards and keep playing the pickup games on the court. Keep at it for a bit and you will be able to earn a decent amount of XP. This will allow you to level up quickly to level 40 in NBA 2K22.

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Another way to make more XP in NBA 2K22 is to take part in the various events occurring in the game. These usually have high XP rewards that will help you to level up faster. Every level you unlock with XP will also give you a set of rewards that you can use.

This is everything that you will need to know about how to level up quickly and farm XP in NBA 2K22. While you are here you can also have a look at Can You Play NBA 2k22 On PS4 With PS5 Players and How Do Hot Zones Work In NBA 2K22.