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NBA 2K20 Will Have A Total Of 12 WNBA Teams For The First Time

Women have been at the forefront of sports in recent times, and for the first time ever the teams from WNBA will be present in NBA 2K20. This has been announced by 2K and follows EA’s NBA Live who introduced the WNBA teams in 2017.

There will be a total of 12 WNBA teams for players to select from and you will be able to play with your favorite women athletes. A video released by 2K shows Los Angeles Sparks’ Candace Parker and Seattle Storm’s Breanna Stuart in motion-capture suits to get their likeness and behavior in the game.


All in all, this is a massive upgrade for women athletes and for women in sports, other changes regarding the animation and graphics too have been made to NBA 2K20. This move will bring in new players to the franchise and might also inspire a lot of women to take up the sport.

This sort of inclusion is vital to make sure that every person is on par with each other, getting women teams included in FIFA has been great. There has been a storyline based on the life of Kim Hunter as she rises through the ranks of the USA Women’s Soccer Team.

NBA 2K20 will be released on 6th September 2019 and will be available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.