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NBA 2K20 The Next Neighborhood Shows Off Different Arenas

NBA 2K20 has their own street version where players can take the game to the different neighborhoods and explore what it is like being out in the open. The latest trailer titled, NBA 2K20 The Next Neighborhood” shows the different localities present in the game.

It looks like there will be more game modes than ever before, they have also included a dodgeball mode, the seasonal themes also get a bit of screen time which shows Halloween and Christmas before ending the trailer.


There will be over a dozen new event in NBA 2K20 for players to choose from and as always 2K’s NBA Games have always garnered a lot of attention. Dwayne Wade is this year’s cover athlete and will pull in a lot of fans to this title.

NBA 2K20 has done more than just bring the game to the streets, it looks like they are going above and beyond and will include some over the top themes for players to choose from.

Check out the video which shows the insane game modes and different courts for players to select from as well as a 3v3 mode where players can showcase their freestyle moves.


NBA 2K20 is scheduled to be released on September 6, 2020, for PC, Xbox One PS4 and Nintendo Switch.