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NASCAR Heat 4 Will Be Releasing This Fall Giving Everyone A Jolt Of Adrenaline

It is time for NASCAR fans to rejoice as NASCAR Heat 4 has been announced, the game will be releasing this Fall. The new game will have more than 150 official cars and around 30+ tracks to race.


The new game looks as if it will set your hearts racing as soon as you see the lights go green, and if you think NASCAR is just about going around in circles then this game will give you a huge reality check right in the face.

The graphics of the game have been enhanced to make it seem more lifelike than ever before. The first person camera mode allows players to really get into the minds of the driver and see for themselves how being on a race track feels like while you are going more than 150mph.

With a large selection of cars and tracks to select from this game will offer more content than ever before, Kevin Harvick features on the cover and if you purchase the Gold Edition you can get the legendary Jeff Gordon car which has a reputation and a class of its own.

The physics of the game have been improved and you can now also get on-track audio, for total immersion in the game. Not a lot of details have been released but as we get closer to the release date in September we will certainly get more information.

NASCAR Heat 4 will be releasing for PC, PS4, and Xbox One this September.


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