Where To Find Narvi Carvings In LOTR Return To Moria

Wondering from where you can get the Narvi Carvings in LOTR Return To Moria? Here is an easy guide you can follow to get to the locations.

If you have also been looking for the Narvi Carvings in LOTR Return To Moria and trying to figure out one of the most difficult puzzles in the game, you are not alone. Getting your hands on these prized statues can prove to be very useful for your character, especially if you are looking to unlock rewards. You will need to fill in the missing idols and place them into the empty spots, to open the Muznakan Treasure Chest.

During your time exploring the vast landscape of this game, you might have either come across one of these small statues and are wondering what they can be used for or you are looking for these to complete a quest, we have mentioned all the details to get them, down below.

LOTR Return To Moria: Where to Find Narvi Carvings

LOTR Return To Moria Where To Find Narvi Carvings
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Getting these small idols can be a tedious task as all the Muznakan Chests and Carvings will be different in each world, and getting the exact location of a specific structure will be difficult. However, every time you come across one of these Chests, you should become more aware of your surroundings as they are most likely hidden in the vicinity.

The hunt for this will not be easy as it can be very time-consuming and most of the times it is hidden under places. You can check inside houses, and structures, thoroughly searching the abandoned buildings, inns, random chests, forges, and by just being more attentive and searching patiently. One of the main places where most players find their structures is from the Orc Chests, however, keep in mind that these Chests will be guarded by Goblins and you will have to take on an intense battle and defeat them all in order to get access to these Chests.

How to use Narvi Carvings in LOTR Return To Moria

Once you have collected all the necessary statues, you will have to go to the Muznakan Chests and place them. Once you do this, you will unlock the Chest and get umpteen amounts of useful resources like Gold Coins, Ingots, Sapphires, and Crafting Schematics.

That’s everything you need to know about the Narvi Carvings in LOTR Return To Moria. If you found this guide helpful, make sure to check out our other Video Game Guides, right here on Gamer Tweak.