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Lost Ark: How To Get Naruni Island Soul

On a quest to collect all of the Island Tokens for the Opher? Read this article to find out how to get Naruni Island Soul in Lost Ark.

Exploring new lands in Lost Ark is always exciting. Scattered around the world of Arkesia, you can gather many collectibles by completing quests. One of these collectibles is the Island Souls. Collecting these will reward you with Roster XP and progression toward Island Souls. You will also get new rewards like Masterpieces, Aquamarines for your Compass, and Secret Maps for every five Island Souls. In this article, we will tell you how you can get the Naruni Island Soul in Lost Ark.


How to Get Naruni Island Soul in Lost Ark

Good Spot to Catch Naruni
Image Source: RaZzi on Youtube

Naruni Island is located behind the Procyon Curtain in the western sea. You will need 15 Heart of the Islands to unlock the curtain. This will open up a vast region of the map including Naruni Island.

Naruni Go!

Naruni Island is home to small dinosaur-like creatures called (you guessed it) Naruni. These are harmless creatures and they will be crucial to collecting the Island Soul. Upon arrival on this island, you will meet an Environmental Researcher. He will send you on a quest called ‘Naruni Go!’ To complete this quest, you will have to catch 101 Naruni across the Island.

Catching Naruni

Catching Naruni is simple. So simple that it can get boring while completing this quest. To catch a Naruni:

  • Spot a Naruni
  • Follow it to learn its moving pattern
  • When it has stopped moving, go near and click on it
  • It will take around 3 seconds to catch it
  • If it moves before you are done catching it then you will have to start over again
  • Head back to the Researcher after you are done catching 101 Naruni
  • Collect the Heart of the Naruni Island in Lost Ark

The quest is devoid of any combat or action so it is boring. But we suggest you complete it as it is one of the easiest Island Souls to collect. You will get Greater Skill Potion, one of the most sought-after potions in the game, by collecting 20 Island Souls. We hope you found this article on how to get Naruni Island Soul in Lost Ark helpful. If you are looking for action then we have a list of World Bosses and their Locations for you.