How To Get Spectral Silk In Naraka: Bladepoint

This Naraka: Bladepoint guide will show you how to obtain the Spectral Silk currency to buy exclusive cosmetics and skins.

Naraka: Bladepoint is a fantasy battle royale game that has multiple different in-game currencies. These currencies have different purposes and can be obtained through different methods depending on their rarity. The currencies are Tae, Gold, Hidden Coins and Spectral Silk. These currencies also can be spent in different ways to buy cosmetics and weapon skins that are exclusive to particular currencies in the game. For instance, Tae is used to buy ‘blue-tier cosmetics’ and Gold is mostly used to buy the rare skins.

The game has a dedicated Spectral Silk Store that has cosmetics primarily for your characters and weapons which makes it a fairly valuable currency. In this guide we will go through all the steps you can take to farm this currency.

How to Get Spectral Silk in Naraka: Bladepoint

There are multiple different ways to obtain Spectral Silk.


This is the primary method to get Spectral Silk. The battlepass has tiers that reward the currency with natural progression by just playing the default gamemode. There’s a limit to the free version of the battlepass though. There are 100 tiers that can be expanded to 105 upon purchasing the paid battlepass extension. Additionally, the paid version rewards players with 200 Spectral Silk on completion of each tier after the 100 benchmark, which amounts to a total of 1000 Spectral Silk currency.

Naraka Bladepoint How To Get Spectral Silk

Phantom Thread Bags

This method is also pretty lucrative in farming Spectral Silk as you can trade Phantom Thread Bags in the shop for 100 Spectral Silk each. Phantom Thread Bags are relatively easy to obtain as they can be exchanged for two of the Martial Coin currency. Martial Coins are a substitute currency that are earned by playing the game in the survival mode.

Other Methods

  • You can also obtain Spectral Silk from the streaming platform Twitch’s loot-dropping system where players can watch sponsored or titled streamers play the game for a certain amount of time and they have a chance to obtain Power Chests on a random basis.
  • Another mechanic that is included in the game is that any duplicate cosmetics or skins that you are rewarded get automatically converted to Spectral Silk.
  • You can also obtain 800 Spectral Silk on completion of Day 8 of ‘Journey’s Dawn’.

These are all the ways you can get Spectral Silk in Naraka Bladepoint. Now you can spend this currency in the Spectral Silk Store to unlock exclusive weapon and character cosmetics and skins. The range of the store goes from 1200 Silk all the way to 98,000 Silk so there ought to be a lot of variety in what you can purchase with this currency.

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