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Naraka Bladepoint Characters List With F Skills & Ultimate Abilities

Here are all the Naraka: Bladepoint heroes along with their powerful F Skills as well as Ultimate abilities.

In this Naraka: Bladepoint characters guide, we will take a look at all heroes available at this time. This game has an interesting roster of characters with awesome abilities and weapons that you can use in the action Battle Royale format.

Naraka Bladepoint All Characters and Abilities List

Here’s what you need to know about all the heroes in Naraka Bladepoint (including their F skills and ultimates) to get started.


matari Naraka Bladepoint

Matari is a fast and graceful assassin character who has mastered a secret ancient art. She’s all about wind so with her Silent Flutter F skill, you can teleport. Her ultimate, Unseen Wings, can give you the option to be invisible when standing at one place and transparent when moving. This stealth mode will not only help the player but also the teammates nearby.

Tsuchimikado Kurumi

kurumi Naraka Bladepoint characters

She is the Flower of Helioth. Tsuchimikado Kurumi comes from the Onmyoji masters line and her goal is to master her Onmyodo skills. She is a good support character because her F skill Ward will allow you and a team member to get healed. Her ultimate is Sacred Circle which will create a healing area that will stay for 15 seconds.


Naraka Bladepoint temulch

Temulch is all about summoning. His F skill Zephyr Wind will bring 3 wisp wards creating a whirlwind effect and with them, you can block the projectiles which are non explosive. The Ultimate is Zephyr Prison which will create a wind protection around him which will push back enemies and block attacks. If an enemy tries to enter it, they will get slowed but not if they are Temulch.


Naraka Bladepoint tianhai abilities of characters

Tianhai will save the world at any cost. He’s a monk who can transform into a ruthless warrior. With his The Divine Bell F skill, you can fight against the ranged projectile attacks. He can also resist physical attacks but it does have a pretty long cooldown. His ultimate is Titan’s Call which transforms him into a giant Vajira which is a powerful entity just like the Hulk. Enemies need to beware because he can grab-n-smash ’em like nobody’s business.

Tarka Ji

tarka ji

Tarka Ji’s F skill is Inner Fire which you can use to block melee attacks and with the Gigaflame talent, he can also unleash a fireball that leads to AoE damage. His ultimate is called Blackout where you will be covered in flames yourself which will not only push back enemies but also give you an agility boost.

Viper Ning Character in Naraka Bladepoint

 viper ning

She is blind but she’s a master blademaster. Viper Ning is a deadly combination of beauty and danger. She can be considered as an all-rounder. She has a special F skill called Yushan Enigma. With this, you will see that her enemies get pushed back and the blast attack will also damage them. Her ultimate is Twilight Crimson. When activated, she will see all the nearby opponents and stuns them for 5 seconds. So, if she’s nearby and triggers her ultimate, her enemies are toast.

Yoto Hime Character in Naraka Bladepoint

Naraka Bladepoint yoto hime abilities

Her demonic blade can create a whole path filled with corpses. Spirit Slash is a skill where you can throw blades and to take it up a notch, you can even teleport towards your enemy to go for the kill. Her ultimate is Ominous blade which gives her a huge blade that she can swing 3 times. When it hits you, you will take quite a bit of damage. Her agility and support qualities are impressive and in good hands, Yoto Hime can be pretty powerful.

So, this Naraka: Bladepoint characters list should help you get started with all the heroes and dive right into the game. Try out various abilities and pick your favorite character. Stay tuned to our video game guides section for more tips and tricks.