My Hero Mania Quirk Tier List (2024)

Looking for a Tier List for the best Quirks in My Hero Mania? This list has you covered.

There are 21 quirks in My Hero Mania and players are wondering which ones are the best. When you have these many powers to choose from, there is a good chance you can get confused about which one to get. And some are bound to be better than others. So without further ado, here is the My Hero Mania Quirk Tier List ranking them from best to worst.

My Hero Mania Quirk Tier List

my hero mania quirk tier list

Quirks Tier
Overhaul S Tier
Explosive OFA S Tier
Cremation S Tier
Half Hot Half Cold S Tier
Fierce Wings S Tier
Hell Flame S Tier
Shooting Style A Tier
Permeation A Tier
One For All A Tier
Dark Shadow A Tier
Explosion A Tier
Electrification A Tier
Engine B Tier
Super Regeneration B Tier
Ice B Tier
Phoenix B Tier
Zero Gravity C Tier
Shock Absorption C Tier
Super Strength D Tier
Air Cannon D Tier
Invisibility D Tier

We have ranked the above 21 quirks based on how useful they are overall. So based on what you are doing, you might not find a quirk as useful as some other. For example, Half Hot Half Cold isn’t as good in boss fights when compared to Fierce Wings. But when you start grinding it becomes more useful than the latter. And of course, you can always have a favorite quirk based on your preferred characters in the anime.

The S Tier quirks are the best in the game. A Tier quirks are almost just as good as the S ones. B Tier quirks are decent, they aren’t too good but not very bad either. C Tier quirks are fine. And D Tier quirks are the ones you should avoid using if possible.

That covers this Tier List of all Quirks in My Hero Mania ranked from best to worst. If you found this list useful, and are looking for more then be sure to check out our Tier Lists section. And as for this game, don’t forget to check our My Hero Mania codes, which you can use to get freebies.