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Murder Mystery 2: How To Get Coins

If you're seeking to collect coins faster, these tips are the best to help you do so.

If you’re struggling to get coins in Murder Mystery 2, you’re definitely not the only one out there. Sit tight because here are some great ways in which you can collect coins faster.

How to Farm Coins in Murder Mystery 2

If you’re new to this game and want to collect coins fast here are a bunch of ways to do so

Buy Elite

Elite Pass MM2

If you are a player of MM2 you must know that Roblox offers a game pass known as Elite. When you look at the rewards provided by the pass, it says ‘Extra 50 Coin Bag Limit’. This means when you buy Elite you have the chance of collecting more coins.

Play With Friends

Play With Friends MM2

Playing with friends obviously helps you a lot. When you play with friends you can always tell them to not kill you which gives you all the time to collect coins. You can also join different discord groups and tell them not to kill you so that you can collect coins easily.

Stay Away From Gun

Stay Away From Guns MM2

We know the gun is for your safety but it’s better to stay away from it to collect more coins. Well, the murderer will camp the gun and others would also want the gun which makes room for you to move around and collect coins freely.

Play in Larger Maps

Larger Maps MM2

If you are new to Murder Mystery 2, we recommend you play on larger maps. This helps you run away from the murder and create a loop. Larger maps make it harder for other players to follow you helping you get coins easily.

Hide and Collect

Hide and Collect MM2

The most simple way to get coins is to hide somewhere like in a locker for 5-7 seconds and then just get out collect the coins in the room and hide again. Obviously this after a while might get boring but this is the best way since it doesn’t include a lot of movement and you can hide from the murderer as well.

This brings us to the conclusion of how to get coins in Murder Mystery 2. Check out other Roblox guides to help you get great tips and tricks about several other games.