Warner Bros. MultiVersus – 5 Facts You Shouldn’t Miss About This Upcoming Game

This article focuses on Warner Bros. new, free-to-play platform brawler, MultiVersus. Here we’ll cover 5 facts you shouldn’t miss about this upcoming title.

Warner Bros. MultiVersus- 5 Facts You Shouldn’t Miss About This Upcoming Game It all started with a leaked image of the roster where Shaggy reigned supreme. There were other, less recognizable characters like Superman and Batman, but as we all know, these newbies didn’t stand a chance in front of the magnificence of Shaggy. Jokes aside, this leaked image sparked a lot of talks, and low and behold, Warner Bros. officially announced the game a few days later. The trailer they released featured Tony Huynh, the game director for MultiVersus from “Player First Games” and he detailed what we can expect from this brawler. Here are 5 interesting facts about MultiVersus we learned from him and are interested in sharing with you.

MultiVersus Facts 1: It’s Free-To-Play

MultiVersus free to play

MultiVersus will be free-to-play for everybody when it launches on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC, sometime in 2022. This means you can jump into the game without having to pay a dime on the platform of your choice on day one. But why stop there? MultiVersus will also launch with crossplay and cross-progression. This means your friend on the Playstation or the PC can play with you on Xbox with no barriers.

And if you happen to switch platforms at some point and have 100’s if not 1000’s of hours invested in the game then don’t fret! Your progress gets carried over with you from one platform to another. This, in my opinion, is a very pro-consumer move that’ll help bring in all types of players, across all platforms under one roof with next to no hassle and or barriers.

It’s A Warner Super Smash Bros!

MultiVersus Game

Some of the most facts about MultiVersus include that it is a 1v1, 2v2, or 4 player free-for-all, platform brawler set across the properties owned by Warner is quite interesting. It features levels and characters from the worlds of DC, Game of Thrones, Tom & Jerry, Scooby-Doo, Looney Toons, and more. More akin to Super Smash Bros from Nintendo and the more recent Nickelodeon All-Stars, MultiVersus is aiming to bring us those “What-If?” moments from the worlds of Warner.

Classic bouts like Superman v Batman and more unorthodox skirmishes like Shaggy taking on Wonder Woman or Tom & Jerry going against Arya Stark can become a reality here. It’s not just the characters however, the arenas featured will also be from the world of Warner as the brawls will take place in places like the Batcave and more. MultiVersus is Warner Bros. take on the classic, beloved and competitive genre that is the arena brawler, and perhaps is a love letter to the highly praised and genre-defining Super Smash Bros

You Can Play Solo or Play With Friends

Warner Bros MultiVersus game

While this genre comes with more of a co-op or plays with friends kinda approach, MultiVersus welcomes solo players with open arms. You can still play with your friends, don’t get me wrong, however, according to the game director, MultiVersus is designed with solo players in mind. What this truly means, we’ll find out when the game comes out but from what we know, it’s safe to say that MultiVersus is aiming to bring solo players into the fray while keeping them competitive, adrenaline-filled, a high-octane drama that is showcased on full display when you play with friends.

MultiVersus is competitive and requires skill and mastery of each character and their move sets. While you can casually go prancing around into the game, if you have any experience from other games of this kind, you’ll know button mashing won’t achieve your victory. So start practicing and go make a list of your friends, you wanna beat up for when MultiVersus arrives. And solo players? You are covered too!

It’s an Evergrowing Multiverse

MultiVersus Multiverse game

While we don’t have the full list of the roster, what we’ve seen so far still looks impressive. And it won’t stop there, MultiVersus is being made with long-term support in mind where more characters and levels will be added to the game over time. With the number of properties Warner Bros. own, don’t be surprised if, at some point in the future, you see more heroes and villains from the DC universe or characters from the worlds of Harry Potter, Godzilla, Lord of The Rings, and many, many more!

My imagination is already running wild thinking of all the possibilities! It’s not just the levels and characters, however, MultiVersus will also come with character customization, featuring things like perks, move sets, skins, emotes, and more! That means new skins and emotes will also get added over-time and I am already wishing for a match-up with the Batman Beyond skin going against Cyborg Superman! Since it’s free-to-play, microtransactions will be a reality, but I am certain that most if not all the skins will be acquirable by just playing the game! So yeah, MultiVersus won’t stop at launch and will get support from the developers for a long time to come.

Awaiting Release Date to Join the Fight!

Warner Bros MultiVersus Facts You Should not Miss

Finally, we don’t have a release date, but we do have an upcoming playtest that you can sign-up on their website. We know the platforms and we know that it’s coming sometime in 2022, until then we can sign-up and hope we get the chance to play the game before launch and see what’s in store, come release day. So go sign-up and if you are lucky, you’ll be one of the first to hop onto the world of MultiVersus.

I hope these five facts helped you understand what MultiVersus is and what it’s planning to deliver when it launches and if it did then why not check out other gaming-related features we covered here at GamerTweak? It’s safe to say that I am looking forward to this game and I can’t wait to duke it out with you in the multiverse of MultiVersus!