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The Outer Worlds Peril on Gorgon Endings Guide – Good & Bad Ending

Follow this guide to unlock different ending in the Outer Worlds Peril on Gorgon DLC.

The Outer Worlds Peril on Gorgon DLC has more than one ending. It relies on your choices, you can either unlock an Outer Worlds Good Ending or Bad Ending. You can choose to know more about both the endings also. In this Outer Worlds Perils of Gorgon Endings guide, I will help you with choices to unlock both endings. Good and Bad.


How to Unlock Good Ending in Peril on Gorgon?

You will get an option after Wilhelmina calls and ask for about her Mother’s Journal. After selecting the below option Olivia will call you. Depending on your perception level you can conclude here that she is the one who is behind the facility lockdown.

  • I think it’s time you tell me the truth, Minnie.

Wait until the conversation is over. Minnie will mention about Adrena-Times. It must be revived and this is where you get a chance to investigate her. Minnie wants the project to be revived and your answer is you are not sure.

Next talk to Olivia and you will find that she does not trust her daughter. Listen to the conversation between both.

Good Ending – Mother & Daughter


You cannot unlock the good ending between Olivia and Minnie if you are not having high stats. You will have to ask her to put their differences behind, and insist the mother give her daughter a chance. Both will then ask you to take the call on the basis of their different perspective.

Answer that you consider both the viewpoints. After this Minnie will lock the manor. If you run back inside you will be killed. The first thing to do is cut the transmission and then make your way to Minnie. Be ready for a battle and this will not be easy. You have to well prepared for this.

Also before reaching Minnie you must have Persuade 150, Inspiration 60, and Intimidate 40. This will help you to make your way towards a good ending. Any lower stats can result in failure in the mission. Now you will have to select a set of dialogues to reach the climax. I am sharing the list below. Just pick them up one by one after each conversation and you will be able to convince Minnie. In the end, Minnie will ask you to invite Olivia on tea and your job is to convince the mother. This breaks the second dialogue but in the end, everything will clear up. Below are the set of two dialogues one for Minnie and one for Olivia.

Choices to Interact with Minnie:

  • Let’s talk about this, Minnie.
  • What if you and your mother joined forces to cure the marauders?
  • If the marauders don’t get a fix, they’ll just rampage across the colony. OR [Inspiration 60] I thought you wanted to help people, not let them die? (Requires Persuade 60)
  • Why not give her a chance? She’s been involved with Adrena-Time from the start. (Requires Persuade 90)
  • The Adrena-Time project failed, Minnie. You couldn’t have saved it. (Requires Persuade 150)
  • Opportunities present themselves everyday. Your Gorgon will come.
  • That isn’t failure. It’s a second chance to work with Olivia.


Choices to Interact with Olivia:

  • Whoa, hold on! I’m here to make peace!
  • Minnie wants to work with you on a cure for the Marauders.
  • You don’t. You just have to trust me. OR  (Requires Persuade 40)
  • Why trick you when it’d be easier for me to kill you?  (Requires Intimidate 40)
  • She said you were invited for tea?
  • That’s rather sweet of you.
  • So you’ll work with Minnie?

If you go with all the options properly you will unlock Outer Worlds Peril on Gorgon Ending. Minnie will be sorry for her way of treating you and both will thank you. Below are the rewards you will earn on unlocking the good ending.

  • Bit Cartridge x5,000 by Minnie
  • 114,000 XP
  • Olivia will ask you to take what’s yours.

Olivia Ambrose Ending

Olivia Ambrose Ending will be unlocked only when you took side with the mother. During the scene when Olivia asks your help to stop Minnie, ask her to apologize for the threats she gave you. She will ask you to put down the Gorgon for good. After this, you will have to do a task to unlock Olivia Ambrose Ending in Outer Worlds Peril on Gorgon.

  1. Return to Olivia’s Manor and use the Executive Override code to activate the NDA Protocol from her terminal. The code is in her journal.
  2. Avoid engaging with Minnie, she will put the manor in lockdown until you finish your job. Do not run back inside you will be killed.
  3. Cut the transmission and fight Minnie.
  4. Kill all the enemies and Minnie.
  5. Go upstairs and take the door in the center upstairs. Locate the terminal and execute the NDA protocol.

Olivia will congratulate for the job but she will be sad with Minnie’s fate. Head upstairs and Olivia will give you Iceberg Aged Whiskey. If you give her Minnie’s water painting she will reward you with 5000-bit cartridges.

Wilhelmina Ambrose Ending

If you want another ending then take Minnie’s side. After the mother and daughter’s conversation is over talk to the mother and try to restart the machine. You will have to confront Olivia, you can either choose dialogue, shoot her, or shove her in the reactor.

Anyhow without killing Olivia in Outer Worlds Peril on Gorgon you cannot unlock the Bad Ending. Only after Olivia is down you can restart the machine. Return to Minnie and she will give you the following rewards.

  • 114000 XP
  • 5000 Bit Cartridges

By focusing on the different choices you can unlock different endings in Outer Worlds Peril on Gorgon.