Team Sonic Racing Multiplayer Guide – Modes, Settings & More

Play with your friends or compete with the world

Team Sonic Racing features different multiplayer mode where a player of three or four can be joined on local mode while playing up to twelve can join in online multiplayer mode. In this Team Sonic Racing multiplayer guide you will learn how to set up local multiplayer modes and play with your friends. Each one can use a separate joystick and view his live race on a split screen.

Multiplayer Settings & Modes

In Team Sonic Racing up to four players can play all standard races and special events in split screen mode. Each player can use a separate controller and enjoy racing with this friend. Just press Join or Leave by pressing the Options button on PS4, + Button on Nintendo Switch and Menu button on Xbox One. You can do this from the main menu or from the Game Mode screen of Local Play. Confirm the changes before you start playing. Every player can access the Character Select screen using their own controller and pick their favorite character and team. There are some restrictions for different multiplayer mode, you can check them below.

1). Team Adventure:

This mode is pretty straightforward just complete one level to unlock other and also progress through the game story. During the start you can select from Team Sonic characters and as you progress you will unlock more. Up to three players can participate in this mode, and they can choose their character within the same team.

2). Local Play:

This mode allows you to have full control over the race conditions and settings. There are four game modes in Local Play. First is Grand Prix, where players will tackle a four-course series. Exhibition Race where a player has to compete in a single course. Time Trial, in this mode you have to pick a course and aim for fastest lap time. And the last Wireless Play where users can use local wireless to connect from four to eight players max. Up to four players can take part in Grand Prix and Exhibition Race. Players are allowed to choose their characters and teams. But in Time Trail only one player can participate.

3). Online Multiplayer:

There are three modes in Online Multiplayer. First is Quick Play where you join a random game, Team Race where you will participate in a co-operative team event and Standard where you will join against all events. Every option has as Ranked based requirement compared to players skills and other stats. Up to twelve players can participate in local and online mode, they can pick their characters and team will be assigned randomly or by the lobby host.