Terraria Multiplayer Not Working Fix 2024

Unable to Join your Friends in Terraria because the Multiplayer isn't working. Check out these quick ways to fix them easily.

Terraria is a fun game to play on its own but playing Multiplayer can make the experience even better. But the problem for many players is that it is not working and it gives them errors like lost connection, can’t join via Steam, and more. Luckily though there are several things you can do to fix them in no time. So let us quickly check out their solutions below.

How to Join Friends in Terraria (Multiplayer Fix)

Multiplayer and Lost connection Fix Terraria

  • Check for Updates: Let us start with the easiest fix for this problem. The reason Multiplayer isn’t working could be that you or your friend might not have the same version of Terraria. This usually happens when one of you must have updated your game. So check if any updates are there for the game and update Terraria to the latest version. Now try playing and you should be able to Join your friends Via Steam or the platforms you play on.
  • Choose the right Character: One of the most common problems which is also easy to miss is trying to join your friend with the wrong character. Let’s say you are playing in Classic mode but your character is of Journey mode, then you will get the Lost Connection error. So you and your friends should decide on the mode first and then use the character accordingly. So it will be Classic Character for Classic Mode and Journey Character for Journey Mode.
  • Check your Invitation Settings: The host of the game’s world gets to decide how their friends can access their world’s multiplayer. There are two options Friends only and Invite only. “Friends only” lets the host’s friends directly join the world by using Join via Steam. But if they have set the world to “Invite only” then they will have to Invite each friend manually.

While the above solutions should solve it, here are other issues that might cause Lost connection or multiplayer errors.

  • Verify File Integrity: If you still get connection errors after updating the game to the latest version then you should scan your game’s files. Go to your Steam Library, select Terraria, and choose Properties. Now go to its Local files and select Verify File Integrity. After Steam checks for any corrupt files and replaces them. Restart your game and you should not get the multiplayer problems.
  • Test your Internet: Finally, if none of the above fixes work there is a chance your internet might not be working properly. Refresh it by restarting your router or by plugging out and in the Ethernet cable. Now try playing the game and it should work.

With that, you should be able to fix the Multiplayer not working and all related errors for Terraria. For more help on this game also check out our guides on how to make a crafting station, get jungle armor, and make a loom.