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Mr Autofire Promo Codes List (March 2023)

Here are the latest Mr Autofire codes. Check out this guide and learn how to redeem them.

If you’re searching for the working Mr Autofire promo codes, you’ve landed in the right place. In this guide, we have mentioned all the active gift codes in a list for your reference. You can redeem these codes and claim various in-game rewards for free. The developers release them at certain intervals to keep the players indulged. Along with the codes list, we have also explained the steps to redeem them. Check out this guide to learn all there is to about promo codes.

Note: These codes are working as checked on March 14, 2023. However, they can expire at any time. Thus, you must redeem them as soon as possible.

List of All Mr Autofire Codes (2023) – Working

Mr Autofire Promo Codes

Here, we have stated the list of active Mr Autofire promo codes.

  • WomensDay23 – Redeem this code to get Revives (x2) [Expires on March 14, 2023]
  • 123461 – Redeem this code to get Amorita Shards (x2)
  • 13537 – Redeem this code to get Random Shards OR Rings (x4)
  • 213465 – Redeem this code to get Fursus Shards (x2)
  • 23125 – Redeem this code to get Energy (x50)
  • 416613 – Redeem this code to get Blazia Shards (x2)
  • 6457 – Redeem this code to get Hecate Shards (x2)
  • 92707 – Redeem this code to get Dr Toxic Shards (x2)
  • www.mrautofire.wiki – Redeem this code to get Hero Medals (x2)

Expired Codes

Below, we have covered all the expired codes. These codes are not valid anymore and will not drop any rewards.

  • RachelsBirthday23 – Redeem this code to get Summon Gate Keys (x2)
  • Valentine2Day3 – Redeem this code to get Revives (x2)
  • Super2Bowl3Sunday – Redeem this code to get Metal Crate Keys (x3)
  • 1000ElectroBros – Redeem this code to get Random Shards (x3)

How to Redeem Codes in Mr Autofire?

Here, we have elaborated on the steps to redeem codes in the game. Follow these steps to claim your freebies in no time.

  • Launch Mr Autofire on your device
  • Click on the Settings button in the top right corner
  • Tap on the Promo Codes button > Insert the Gift Code
  • Press the Ok button > Collect your free rewards

Apart from this, make sure to enter the codes exactly as they are given. Because the codes are case-sensitive and if not entered correctly, they may be deemed invalid. Also, if you’re new here and want to install the game, here are the download links for Mr Autofire.

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