Fallout New Vegas Mouse Sensitivity Too High (Fix)

If your mouse sensitivity is too high in Fallout New Vegas , then here's how to reduce it.

Multiple Fallout New Vegas players are facing an issue where their mouse sensitivity is too high for the in-game menu, and are looking for ways to fix it. According to the players, the mouse acceleration is high only in the main menu and not in the game itself. The cursor moves too fast and is uncontrollable. To fix it, the game’s official website has mentioned a fix. However, the problem still persists for a few players. If you too are facing this problem, then this guide will help you solve it.

How to Fix Fallout New Vegas High Mouse Sensitivity Issue

Fallout New Vegas menu
Image Source: VGJunkyard on YouTube

Before editing the game files, make sure you check out your PC’s mouse settings. You can reduce the mouse acceleration and pointer precision in the Mouse Properties.

To fix the High Sensitivity Issue in Fallout New Vegas:

  1. Go to your game’s downloaded files in Explorer. (Usually, these are located at “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\fallout new vegas”).
  2. Then, open the file called “fallout_default.ini”.
  3. Inside this file, look for the line “bBackground Mouse = 0″ and change the value from “0” to “1”.
  4. Under the “bBackground Keyboard = 1” line, add these lines:
    • fForegroundMouceAccelBase=0
    • fForegroundMouseAccelTop=0
    • fForegroundMouseBase=0
    • fForegroundMouseMult=0
  5. Then, look for the line “iPresentInterval=1” and change the “1” value to “0”.
  6. Click on File and press Save. Once you close the file, open the game and check if the mouse acceleration is working well.

This should fix the high-sensitivity issue for Fallout New Vegas. However, if this method does not solve the problem, then you can try a mod called New Vegas Configator. In this mod, you can tweak the program files with the help of sliders. You can also edit the “.ini” files, which are used to edit the mouse settings. However, note that this is a mod so you run the risk of getting a ban.

We hope this guide helped you fix the high mouse sensitivity issue in Fallout New Vegas. If you’re planning to use the mods, then check out how to do it on Gamertweak.