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10 Most Violent Video Games In History

The following videogames are some of the best titles in the violent games category, though this list isn’t purely action-based, there are elements in the games that will make you question humanity itself.

In the words of Quentin Tarantino himself, “Extreme violence in the film is the best way to control the emotions of audiences”, and this technique is used by video game developers to hook the interest of its audience in the game. Graphic violence which should have no place in society translates amazingly well in videogames where you can let go of the pent up anger and aggression.

These games show the worst we can do to another character while having fun and without consequences. Sometimes everyone needs something to get their blood rushing and these games give the most satisfaction while playing them.

Most Violent Games Of All Time

1. Doom

Doom can be perfectly summarised as a perfect marriage of violence and a lack of remorse. You play as a human who is sent out to destroy demons in hell. While this turn around might seem like a reverse take on the regular. Doom lets you access the deep anger and frustration inside you and release them on these demons.

You play as a character where the demons are terrified of you, while this looks like a great pub joke, in reality, while playing Doom you will exactly know why. You not only get to shoot and or blow up demons but also cut through them and discard their flailing bodies aside. You instill fear in the undead and that is a feat worth respecting.

But for it’s worth, playing Doom lets you release the pent up anger and you might even feel better after you are done with it. It seems like the perfect stress buster if you are up for the challenge.

2. God of War

If the title didn’t give it away already, God of War has always been a gory series where you play as Kratos in his quest to find peace by ripping everyone up in pieces. Kratos as the forgotten son of Zeus comes back to take his place in Mt. Olympus, but that is a different series altogether.

The God of War we’re talking about is the reboot developed for the PlayStation 4. This more matured version of Kratos carries all the burdens of the past and tries to lead a normal life and when everything comes crashing down, but reach into his past and bring out the legendary Spartan.

On the flip side though, God of War is more like a symphony that takes you through all the highs and lows of a father-son relationship. You will have respect and see Kratos in a different light as you come near finishing the game. Santa Monica Studios brought a fresh new life to the repetitive series and left everyone amused.

3. Red Dead Redemption 2

While Red Dead Redemption was a near-perfect game, the sequel to it pushed narrative limits which a lot of people didn’t know exist. You are made to root for a gang that earns their living looting other people and as soon as you invest yourself in the story you start caring for them.

This band of misfits might look civil but everyone has skeletons in their closet and are on the run from the law, helping each other out trying to finish this life once and for all.

Red Dead Redemption 2 makes you fall in love with the forgotten Wild West days of the past, this title paints the era in gold and along with it the violence it brings seems nostalgic too. You will cause atrocious harm onto others all in the name of saving your people and the pay off is that it validates your decisions, giving you an insight just to how a crime gang functions.

4. Grand Theft Auto 5

The beauty of GTA V is the fact that it can be whatever you want it to be when given untold control with no consequences, we have seen players get bored and cause havoc on the streets of Los Santos. GTA V is a title that enables you to step aside from the ordinary and channel the worst things you want to do to a human being in a game.

There are missions in the game that the game force you to torture someone, and if that wasn’t enough other characters sit around and laugh at the victim. Your choice is here depends on how you wish to suffer someone. Apart from this, there isn’t anyone in the game that will stop you if you wish to blow people up with bazookas in the game.

GTA V keeps things real by giving you a real world where you can make even the most violent games of things you can imaging come true, and leaving all those things in the game. Every GTA release is bundled up with some or the other violent news story and that is just for the fact that it gives you a glimpse as to what you can do if there aren’t any consequences.

5. The Last of Us Remastered

Violence is portrayed differently when survival is at stake, especially in a zombie apocalypse videogame but the most violent games thing about The Last of Us Remastered is the humans. This game shows that when everything is on the line, there are only a couple of people you can trust while never knowing what someone else is thinking about.

The Last of Us Remastered tells the story about a father losing his daughter and then years later, being made responsible for the safe keeping of another young child who reminds him of his own daughter. When someone loves someone enough that they would risk their lives for, people often take lives to save the very person too.

Naughty Dog gave us a classic game with The Last of Us Remastered, the reflects the characters’ emotions in the player itself as you progress in the game. Narrative so bold and courageous that it holds the test of time. Get ready to beat the living soul of every undead and alive person that crosses your way in this post-apocalyptic tale.

6. Batman Arkham Asylum

While there have been other installments in the Arkham series, the one which started it all out seems to stand out a bit for its introduction of violence in the game. You play as the Dark Knight, gliding all over Gotham getting rid of criminals. Now, films and tv might shy away from the beatdown that Batman is capable of giving. It is highlighted in the games.

You play as Batman and glide around to beat the lights out of every criminal you spot in the city, not only do you get to have your superhero moments against the big bosses in the game, you get to destroy the henchmen with multiples of gadgets, combos and broken bones that will last a lifetime.

When it comes to dishing it down, Batman does it with the grace of a ninja with the wisdom of a monk. There are hundreds of ways to beat out an opponent but nothing comes close to going eye level and punching out the crime from the criminals. Not only is Batman well equipped, but he leaves no room for the criminals to fight back. It is one of the most overpowered version of Batman we’ve seen and we’re absolutely in love with it.

7. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro is what you get when you combine poetry with action, not only are there gruesome moments with you chopping off the heads of your opponent. Sekiro is rated to be one of the most violent games in 2019. You get to do it so gracefully it mimics a dance recital. The choreography seems so vivid and continuous it can be preserved in a museum.

There are many games that bring violence to the spotlight, but Sekiro manages to hold a convincing story that makes you believe in committing these acts of violence. It manages you to persuade to use the character’s years of knowledge to bring anyone down in his path.

The artwork is beautiful and no other word can justify it, like a river flowing with gushes of water, you will orchestrate movements that are only possible in the figment of your imagination and these wishes coming true make the title so appealing that it managed to win the Video Game Of The Year Award in 2019.

8. Battlefield 1

At a glance, Battlefield 1 seems like one of the ordinary run of the mill military game that lets you shoot opponents on the opposing team but the setting of World War 1 changes that completely upside down. You are thrown into the midst of a battle where everything comes at you.

The battle in World War 1 was fought up close as compared to World War 2 and this is perfectly produced in the videogame. You get to take part in a battle where everyone lost something big if not their lives. A war that changed the world and now you are at the epicenter of it all.

You are equipped with arms and ammunition of a long-gone era, an era where people looked right in the eyes of the enemy before stabbing them or shooting them at sight. An era that preceded the technological revolution and humanity itself. People fought valiantly in the game of their nation but caused a change so great that it would define generations. Battlefield 1 gives all of that to you, from the comfort of your sofa.

9. Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops: The Line introduced a lot of people to PTSD when it was released, the game gives you a couple of choices to make in the campaign and at the end of it, you have to deal with the consequences of those choices. In a world of military shooters populated with Call of Duty franchise, Spec Ops: The Line was a tiny game that battled for survival.

Though not many people know about the game, those who played it swear by it, this is because of the surrealism of the game and how close it gets to reality. Like many other games, this one too has to shoot your way through a desolated country to clear your objectives, but once you do that you are brought face to face with the consequences.

There are moments in the game that will keep you thinking about it months after completing the game, and this is why Spec Ops: The Line is one of the most violent games of all time. It accounts for the destruction the game makes you cause to the enemies as well as the innocent lives lost.

10. Mortal Kombat 11

Talking about most violent games list? The original Mortal Kombat introduced a bloodsport not many people knew they wanted this in their daily lives but this kicked off a huge controversy when released and ever since then, each installment in the series has brought about something controversial to talk about.

Mortal Kombat 11, isn’t just an upgrade over its prequel but the main storyline includes some of the baddest fights in gaming history. You have characters like Scorpion, Baraka, Shao Kahn and many more that will vividly cause unimaginable harm on to others.

But the best trick, this game pulls off is the fact that it provokes the players to cause as much damage as possible. There are creative and brutal ways in which you can break your opponent’s spirit in the game. Body parts either go flailing or the entire character is ripped apart in half. Every character brings something new and gory to the table and this is why the Mortal Kombat series will forever be synonymous with violence.

These are some of the most violent video games in history, but all of these games paint violence in a different light. While there may be other titles they hardly seem to imprint themselves. Violence in these games leaves a permanent effect on you.

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