What Is The Most Used Pickaxe In Fortnite?

Here are the most used pickaxes in Fortnite we bet yo didn't know!

Pickaxes are hidden most of the time in the game, but players always show off their pickaxes whenever they are in the lobby or after winning. Well, do you know which is the most used pickaxe in Fortnite? We know you might have a bunch of answers. Here are the most used pickaxes in Fortnite.

The Most Popular Pickaxes in Fortnite

Throwback Axe


You must have seen a lot of free axes throughout Fortnite but nothing comes close to Throwback Axe. This was the first pickaxe Fortnite released back in Chapter 1 `and was bought back in Chapter 2 for free in the items shop.

Phantasmic Pulse


Released in Chapter 2 Season 4, the phantasmic pulse was one of the first pickaxes to have a bunch of customization options. Fun fact – It is said to have more than 700 possible customizations you can choose from. Phantasmic Pulse was also the first Single Hand Pickaxe not from the Marvel Series.

Diamond Jack


Who doesn’t know about the Travis Scott concert in Chapter 2 Season 2? Well, Fortnite not just released a Travis Scott skin but also a pickaxe, Diamond Jack, to compliment the skin. The pickaxe is entirely covered in diamonds and is pretty rare to see in recent Fortnite seasons.

Harley Hitter


This pickaxe was released in Chapter 2 Season 1 and was based on DC’s Harley Quinn. The baseball bat with stickers related to Harley Quinn, and the Harley Hitter was great for tryhards. The baseball bat combination was great with almost every skin, with Harley Quinn making it the best combination.

The Reaper


One of the OG pickaxes from Chapter 1, The Reaper was quite the favorite in the Fortnite Community. It has a very basic design undoubtedly but it does represent veteran players. The Reaper came with 2 skins, the Skull Trooper and the Ghoul Trooper which were liked massively by the fans.

Studded Axe


The Studded axe pickaxe is known to be one the quietest pickaxes in Fortnite. It comes for 800 V-Bucks and is used by tonnes of Fortnite players. Studded Axe was released in Chapter 1 Season 5 but you can still see this axe on the item shop stating its popularity.

Axe of Champions


The rarest and the most idealized axe of Fortnite is the Axe of Champions. This axe is only given to the winners of FNCS. It’s sad though that the winners can even keep this axe permanently since each year the winners are different.

That’s all for the most used pickaxe in Fortnite. If you’re keen on other fun facts about Fortnite, feel free to check out the guides to explore more.