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Mortal Shell Developers Pay Homage To Dark Souls Series

Mortal Shell is the next RPG that hopes to punish players exactly in the style of the Dark Souls series. The game mechanics and style do seem similar but there is a distinct contrast as you will be able to acquire shells in the game.

These shells are four different characters that will aid you in the battle and each shell has something different to offer. Mortal Shell looks to add to the same type of fans that made the Dark Souls series so famous.

Developed by Playstack, the developers have claimed to be huge fans of the dark souls series and they collaborated to bring out something in Mortal Shell as they believe lacked in the game.

According to them this game is developed as per their own tastes and a lot of fans have shown similar liking, we also saw Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice getting a huge reception both critical and popular making it the best game-winner at last year’s game awards.

It is certain that there is a demand for incredibly difficult games where each of your strikes needs to be perfect with parrying and defensive skills at par to them, there is no room for error.

Mortal Shell looks forward to punishing anyone who is silly enough to challenge the game and try out their luck, by the looks of it Mortal Shell is going to a huge game.

Though as of now no release date has been announced, we know for a fact that this is a current-gen game meaning that a release can be expected soon.

You can check out more about the game in the developer preview below where the devs talk about how the production took place and more.

A beta demo is being launched as early as July 3rd and upon the reception of the beta, we will know how the game will fare in the months coming up ahead.

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