Mortal Kombat reveals new characters and update on Shaggy

As Mortal Kombat 11 gets nearer to its release date, new information seems to be leaking or released almost every other day. We have now learnt that D’Vorah is one of the characters that will be included in the roster for the main game.

D’Vorah caught the attention of the people when she was first introduced to the game, she is a Kytinn. An insect species which closely resembles humans but has tiny pests crawling up on her and she was a hit among the loyal fans of the franchise.

Fans will also get the character of Kabal, who has meat hooks with a gas mask, giving him a very ghastly appearance.

Many fans on the internet were asking for Shaggy from the popular kid’s TV show ‘Scooby Doo’ to appear in the game and the rumours sustained for a while as a petition was started by the fans asking for the beloved character to be added to the roster of the game.

All the rumours were debunked when the official Twitter account tweeted the following.

Alas, though fans can still be very happy with all the characters that have made the cut as they will undoubtedly enrich the experience and bring new blood spilling moves.