Mortal Kombat 11 Microtransactions Guide: Where to farm Time Krystals?

Buy all the cosmetics you like in mk11.

As per the recent trend of microtransactions, Mortal Kombat 11 also has one of it’s kind. In the game you will need Time Krystals(Time Crystals) to purchase cosmetic items, the upside to this is there is no necessity to purchase a Time Krystal in order unlock new moves, but these only are needed if you need new threads and want to look apart from the rest of the characters that you may encounter.

What are Time Krystals

Time Krystals are best explained as in-game currency, as the game features a high back and forth action with the relative time, it makes sense to name your currency about the same element. You can earn these Time Krystals in the game as you progress or you can also purchase them with real money.

What can I get with Time Krystals in MK11?

You can purchase new cosmetic items with Time Krystals and that is about it, though you still can earn Time Krystals by progressing further in the game. You can also speed up the process and get a ton of Time Krystals by purchasing them with real money.

Cosmetic items exclusively gained through Time Krystals?

As of right now, there is nothing exclusive that can only be purchased by Time Crystals.

The microtransactions of Mortal Kombat 11 seems to be dealt with absolute perfection but it does lead to the almost non-stop grinding that the game is forcing upon players to earn the Time Krystals, a lot of people have raised their concerns about the grind not being worth the value and hopefully we will see an adjustment in the future updates.

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