Mortal Kombat 11 Developer Reveals The Secret Behind New Fatalities

How Does The Studios Gets Ideas For Fatalities?

Mortal Kombat never gets old, every time a new edition brings a fresh roster of vindictive characters with their inimitable play style and above all the Fatalities that unleash a final blow to conclude opponent’s life in battle. These Fatalities are brutal but demand a lot of thought process to make them look different, it has become the ultimate USP of Mortal Kombat and in upcoming Mortal Kombat 11 new characters and Fatalities are ready to surprise all.

Talking to Official Xbox Magazine, NetherRealm Studio Head, Shaun Himmerick shared insights on various topics of his new title. Among this was how does the studio able to make Fatalities look leveled-up every time. Below is his statement.

That is always a fun challenge. There has been such an awesome history of the characters’ Fatalities. There are always a few emails that go out to the entire team to, “Please, send in your Fatality ideas!” With a large studio, that generates a lot of great ideas. Then a smaller group does some filtering, organizing and more brainstorming. They look for as many brand-new ideas as they can. They also look back at old Fatalities and see if there is any homage that can be done with our newer technology that can be awesome fan-service – said Himmerick.

The studio gathers ideas from the entire team and sorts the best one to add them in the game, this is a great example of being open to the ideas coming up all the sections of the company no matter what they are designated to do.

Hopefully in future we might to get see from such developers on sharing suggestions and ideas from gamers and implementing those to the final version. Have a look on the video below by Vikan Gaming to know more about Fatalities.


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