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How to start Moonshiners Business in Red Dead Redemption Online

New DLC Update

The Moonshiners DLC in Red Dead Redemption Online ads a new bootlegger mission where you can team up with infamous distiller to tart your own Moonshining business. To begin you will need to buy a new Moonshine Shack property there are five of them available but not all are god. In this RDR 2 Online Moonshiners Walkthrough you will learn which is the best shack location, how to start moonshining business, unlock bar upgrade and more.

How to Start Moonshiners Business?


To stat Moonshiner Business you will have to grab a letter from Cripps.  You can get this letter if you had reach Rank 5 or completed atleast 1 Trader Sell Mission.

After this pick a Moonshine shack location and reach the shack to complete two introductory missions. The first one is to rescue Marcel who will help you to produce moonshine and then steal items from rival moonshiners to start your business.

Maggie will help you in running the business, she will be always there in the shack. Interacting with her will unlock a menu of Moonshiner Store form where you an buy Moonshine Shack Improvements. This include Items, Expansions, Decor, Business Upgrades and Photos.


The best upgrade is  Condenser Upgrade that unlocks at Level 5 and Polished Copper Still Upgrade that unlocks at Level 10. The second one allow you to generate a stronger moonshine. But you can get it for free, just check below.

Which is the Best Moonshiners Shack Location?

Go to Emerald Ranch and meet Maggie Fake, she is the head of all operation and will guide you to setup your Shack. You will get to choose from five locations to setup your Moonshiners Business in RDR2 Online. They are:


  • Bayou Nwa
  • Grizzlies
  • Hennigan’s Stead
  • Heartlands
  • Tall Trees

Start with Heartlands, because the location is easily accessible. Tall Trees is also good, but other three are pretty far and not easy to reach. It requires a lot of travelling. Pay 25 Gold bars to unlock a Moonshine Shack Locations. You can shift your Moonshine Shack anytime by paying $250. So even if you start with  a any spot you can shift it, but choose Heartlands as it is easy to reach.

How to get Polished Copper Still Moonshine Shack Upgrade for free?


Polished Copper Still Upgrade will help you to boost your moonshine business in RDR2 Online, you can produce stronger moonshine that will pull out better profiles. It usually unlocks at Level 10 that requires a bit of work, here you can get it for free if you are a Twitch prime member. Just link your Social Club account to Twitch Prime and claim free Polished Copper Still Upgrade.

With this upgrade you can brew stronger batches and improve your bar. You will also get a Collector’s Bag for free if had not yet completed the Path of a Collector missions where you have to find and trade treasure to Madam Bazaar.

How to produce Moonshine?

In your shack go to the basement and interact with the tablet o talk to Marcel. Here you will unlock Moonshine Production menu from where you can choose the type of Moonshine you can produce. Starting from weak Moonshine that will take around 30 minutes to produce, while stronger ones requires a hour.

This is where upgrades are required to brew stronger  moonshines faster. You can add flavors, and other items to create the best quality moonshine. In the same menu under Today’s request you will see the type of Moonshine you have to produce with its value and recipe. For example:

Berry Mint Moonshine – Value $75

  • 1x Canned Strawberries
  • 1x Blackberry
  • 1x Wild Mint

This is how you can start Moonshiners business in RDR2 Online.