Moonray, Souls-like Game, Will Release on PC on July 2; PS5 & Xbox Series X Launches Later

By Dinesh
3 Min Read

The development studio of Everything is Full of Gods announced that the Souls-like hack and slash game “Moonray” will release for PC on Steam Early Access on July 2, and will later launch on the next-generation console of PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

The Early Access version will be released for $9.99, while it is further planned that the development of the title will continue until the planned full release in the summer of 2021. It will only support English text and voice-overs at startup, but developers will add support for different languages of Spanish, French, Dutch and German in the future.

Rodrigo Etcheto, the founder of Everything is Full of Gods, said that the Moonray in Early Access release will offer devs the ability to emphasize existing systems and shape an unconventional universe. In fact, with the clear vision of this unique sci-fi action, they will join the new perspectives and feedback acquired during the Early Access, which will shape the future of the game and offer the best possible experience when the console communities will also join.

Check out the first trailer and overview of the game below:

Awaken as a golem created by a godlike being and destroy the deadly cult seeking her demise. Slay the dangerous denizens of the Salvador Dali-inspired world of It-Ao, brought to life with gorgeous AAA-quality shaders and techniques pushing the limits of PC hardware. The abstract wasteland pulses, synchronizing with the rhythm of a cinematic electronic soundtrack and creating a menacing, hypnotic atmosphere.

Moonray‘s combat quickly shifts from simple beginnings to tense showdowns. Weave light and heavy melee attacks with Hyperblaster shots while dodging and parrying blows to wear down and triumph over the opposition. Slay enemies to earn materials spent at resting points known as Beams of Light to upgrade health, stamina, and healing abilities.

Early Access features several hours of gameplay among desert vistas, with forest worlds set to appear in the 10-to-15 hour campaign debuting in version 1.0. Updates in the near future will include powerful weapons to find and upgrade, new offensive and defensive abilities to turn the tide, and massive new biomes full of mysteries to uncover.