Iceborne DLC Set To Bring Newer And Better Weapons To Monster Hunter: World

It was recently reported that all the weapons in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne would get a significant boost and a new look once the DLC comes out and we covered a few of them in an earlier post, now newer weapons have come to light.

You can check them out here and they are pretty self-explanatory, for instance, The Insect Glaive will help you take on enemies which in mid-air and you can launch projectiles to hit enemies that are beyond your reach.

Another long ranged weapon is the Bow, as the voiceover says this is the best weapon to take enemies down from a distance which assures you a bit of safety as you will be beyond your enemies reach but you can deliver devastating damage to them from afar.

Swords and Shields have long established themselves as the primary weapons for legendary wars waged in fictional and the real world, check out the Charge Blade which will redefine the history. You can combine these the sword and the shield to create a battle axe which may be the coolest weapon showcased yet.

Get your hands on this two-handed axe which will certainly make you want to jump in the middle of the combat to steal all the glory. This Switch Axe has elemental damage as well and it certainly takes things up a notch.

These are the new types of weapons that you can look forward to when the Iceborne DLC is released. Make sure you check out other news as well.

The new DLC will be available for PS4 and Xbox One owners from September 6, 2019.