Monster Hunter World Iceborne Expansion – What Is New?

By Raaj
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Capcom announced a new expansion for Monster Hunter World, this new DLC is massive can be considered a complete sequel due to its size. Releasing on 6 September 2019 Monster Hunter World Iceborne DLC features a new area, tons of new content, new monsters, challenging masters rank quest and lot more. With a completely new story Monster Hunter World Iceborne will take players into an icy region that features a new Ecosystem of life-forms.

What Is New in Monster Hunter World Iceborne DLC?

Seliana is the New Gathering Hub in Monster Hunter World Iceborne, an amazing place to relax, eat food and interact with others. The base features a ton of interactive activities. Check out what you can do at the headquarters below.

Enter The Hot Springs

Monster Hunter World Iceborn Screenshots

New gathering hub will be part of Monster Hunter World Iceborne DLC. This new headquarter features hot springs and comes with a variety of useful facilities. The hot springs are ideal for taking a break in the cold region. Players can dive in the hot springs even if they have all their gear on. But this looks comfortable you can swap into a more comfortable outfit. Players can use new gestures for interaction like falling into the water, and they can also splash water on each other.

Enjoy a Hot Meal, Sauna & Foot Bath

Monster Hunter World Iceborn Screenshots

Players can enjoy some good meal and relax in the Sauna. Adding a little fun element if you stay longer in the Sauna the heat will affect your mobility and also your friendly creatures will need a splash of water to cool down. The develop also added foot bath in the hub.

Smithy Is Available In Gathering Hub

Monster Hunter World Iceborn Screenshots

Iceborne expansion brings better accessibly to various quest and features in the game. Everything is no compiled inside the gathering hub so there can be a lower loading screen. Smithy is added to the headquarters who is easily accessible through the gathering hub in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. Players can manage their layered gears from the Smithy in Iceborne. The hub know has all the facilities like Research Center.

Squad Card

Monster Hunter World Iceborn Screenshots

A Squad Leader can create a Squad Card and add all the information about the Squad. Like Squad Name, Leader Name, Master Rank Preference, Message, etc. and use the card to send invites to others. Players will receive the invite can accept it anytime without staying in the same session. The Squad Card feature will help players to join different squad, know about them and choose the best one. Squads can also have Sub-Leaders, who can also send Squad Card Invites, accept request an edit Squad Emblem.

New Co-op Difficulty Added

Monster Hunter World Iceborn Screenshots

Monster Hunter World Iceborne brings a new level of difficulty for Co-op players before there was one for Single Player and the second level of difficulty for Multiplayer mode. With three levels of difficulty Monster Hunter World Iceborne will have more balanced difficulty levels. The settings are flexible and will adapt as per the situation.

New Palico Gadgets

New Palico Gadgets will act as an aid on the battlefield. Like a distraction or a cannon that can drop explosive all around the monster. The new list of the gadget also added a wasp that can revive fainted players. There are also high-rank versions of Plunder and Trap Gadgets in Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

Iceborne Players Can Carry Forward Their Ranks to Base Game

Players who own Iceborne DLC and who does not can play with others. If you had not purchased the DLC then you cannot participate in Iceborne quest. Players who had purchased Iceborne DLC can still play with players of Monster Hunter World and participate high-rank quest. Players stats and ranks earned in Iceborne DLC are applicable to the base game even if you had not completed it.

Customize your Room

Monster Hunter World Iceborn Screenshots

New customization is added to your personal room in Selena, you can customize furniture and make it more lively. Players can customize Walls, types of furniture, and its fabric. You cannot change their placement. New furniture will be rewarded from the new quest and deliveries. Future updates will bring more new furniture. The Deluxe Kit Furniture Set features additional decors like you can customize the room completely to make it from stones and invites friends to check out your room.

View Mode

Monster Hunter World Iceborn Screenshots

Video mode is added to the Start Menu in Monster Hunter World Iceborne, it will allow players to move the camera around freely to capture screenshots. The View Mode will also allow players to select from different pose for a perfect group shot including your Palico.

New Monsters

Some new monsters showed in the Monster Hunter World Iceborne Trailer are listed below. There are sub-species of the normal species in the DLC that you will face on higher ranks. The sub-species is more challenging and features different attributes compared to its normal species. Glavenus returns back to Monster Hunter World through Iceborne DLC.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne is releasing on September 6, 2019 on PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version will be releasing this Winter. Those who already own Monster Hunter World can Pre-order Iceborne example. If you had not bought Monster Hunter World yet and want to play Iceborne expansion then you have to buy Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition that includes both the games. With this, there is also a Digital Deluxe Edition that includes Deluxe Kit with additional features. As a Pre-bonus, you will get Yukumo Series armor set.