Capcom To Host Monster Hunter World Iceborn Beta For PS4 This Month

Find how you can get access to the beta

Capcom will be hosting Monster Hunter World Iceborn Beta between June 21st to June 23rd, 2019. The Beta period will be exclusive to PlayStation Plus Members, and the expansion will be coming out in the month of September. Monster Hunter World Iceborn is a big expansion and there is a 9-minute reveal trailer that takes us deeper into the new world of Iceborn expansion.

New Monsters, lots of ice, and a frozen world to explore Iceborn expansion will be available for everyone between June 28th to June 30, 2019. PS Plus users will have the first chance to get their hands on the new icy region.

To learn more about Monster Hunter World Iceborn check the trailer above, the video shares info on a new monster and the new base. Players will need Hot Drink a consumable to restore stamina, to craft you can gather Hot Pepper found near the camp. Rime Bettle will drop Slinger Ammo, and the wintry region also features Hot Spring to fight the cold.

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