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Monster Hunter World Joy & Winter Star Festival Details – Every thing you must know

Available for Limited time

Monster Hunter World Iceborn is celebrating the holiday season by releasing two events Holiday Joy Fest & Winter Star Fest for a limited time and here is everything you must know including on when it begins, what are the special bonuses, quest schedule and more.

This is the first big Holiday Event for Monster Hunter World Iceborn and you cannot miss the amazing winter theme goodies. New hunters of both high and low rank can participate in Winter Star Festival and master hunters and take part in Joy Festivals. Based on the theme of Lunar New Year, Joy Festivals brings up more amazing goodies.


When you start you can are eligible to get two lucky vouchers as part of the log-in bonus and weekly bounties are now available every day. Most of these new daily bounties will reward you Joy tickets that can be used for crafting the new Oolong Armor Set.

Oolong Armor brings up 3 Critical Eye, 3 Constitution, 2 Health Boost, 2 Stamina Surge, and Coalescence. Except for the waist, every piece has a Level 4 Deco Slot. When you are equipped with all three and five pieces you increase your chances of unlocking more VIP Joy tickets. You can then turn these tickets and craft layered versions of the armor.

Here is everything you must know about  Monster Hunter World Iceborn Joy & Winter Star Festival:


Starting Date – December 20, 2019 00:00 (UTC) – January 5, 2020 23:59 (UTC)

Seasonal Event Bonuses

  1. Layered Armor – Complete limited-time event quests during the seasonal events for the materials to craft special layered armor.
  2. Increased login bonuses – Lucky Vouchers increased to 2 per day, and login bonuses also include
  3. Winter Star Tickets and Joyful Tickets.
  4. Limited bounties are also updated daily – Complete limited bounties to get Winter Star Tickets,
  5. Star Fireworks, Joyful Tickets, and Snowman items.
  6. Discounts at base facilities – New Handler outfits available for a limited time.
  7. New Poogie clothing and guild card titles, backgrounds, and poses.
  8. Tons of event quests available – Nearly all Event Quests are live now.


Login every day and complete quest and bounties to get new Snowmen items. Go towards the Snowman, collect them and throw it on other players. So it is a fun festival, click the source link below to know more.

Source: MonsterHunter.com