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How To Get Coma Sac In MH Rise

Here's how to get the Coma Sac in MHR and the location of the Monster you have to hunt down for it.

Coma Sac in Monster Hunter is yet another material that you will need to get your hands on. It is described as a Monster organ which has a deadly powder which can put you in a coma. You can get this particular item in various ways and we will explain all of them in this quick guide. Further ahead, find out how to use Coma Sac in MH Rise as well. So without further ado, let’s begin.

How to Get Coma Sac in Monster Hunter Rise


You can get Coma Sac in Monster Hunter Rise from Great Baggi (High Rank). The drop rate is 25% – Target Rewards, 20% (Head) – Broken Part Rewards and 27% (Body) – Carves. The Great Baggi is a Bird Wyvern type and its main weakness is Fire. It is also weak to Water and Thunder so bring the right weapons with you. Players will find the location of the Great Baggi in Frost Islands so once you have the necessary equipment, jump into the fight with this monster.

Be ready for its attacks which include Tail Spin, Side Charge and Sleep Attack. Mainly the Great Baggi will work with small Baggi and it will spit a fluid at you which will tranquilize you. Make sure you have enough Energy Drinks to counter this. When it uses its Tail Spin or charge at you in a sideways direction, you must dodge it at any cost. Remember to carry along items that will give you a stamina boost.

To beat the Great Baggi, you have to stay alert and attack it as soon as you dodge its sleep-inducing attack. Dodge and block whenever needed and you won’t lose much health.


How to Use Coma Sac in MH Rise

How to Use Coma Sac in MH Rise

Players can craft weapons like Morsel Bowfish I, Frilled Blade II and Soporific Shellblade. Plus, you can upgrade quite a few other weapons with this material.


  • Frozen Bow
  • Arachnid Bow II
  • Baggi Gunlance III
  • Classy Fragrance
  • Frilled Blade II
  • Great Azure
  • Hypnoshot
  • Morpheus Knife
  • Schale Batis
  • Sleepy Bear
  • Snowfall Axe III
  • Waking Nightmare
  • Wooden Dog Bowgun II
  • Soporific Shellblade
  • Soporific Shellgun
  • Stealth Dango II

That’s not all. Apart from your character, you can craft armor and gear for your Buddy as well. You can make Baggi Greaves S and Baggi Vambraces S with Coma Sac in MHR.

That concludes our guide on Coma Sac in MH Rise but there are loads more materials and items for you to collect in this game. Find them all in our Monster Hunter Rise guides or look up the name of the item you are searching for in our search bar.