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Monster Hunter Rise Character Edit Voucher: How To Get It?

Let’s get crafty with the character edit voucher in MH Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise lays too much emphasis on the weapons and their unique powers. With the new 2.0 update apart from giving more weapons and monsters, the developers have given us some other features as well. Players get a free character edit voucher with the game. While you could do some changes to your character this voucher enables you to modify your character from the very beginning. Let’s see how you can get the character edit voucher in Monster Hunter Rise.

How To Get The Character Edit Voucher In Monster Hunter Rise?


MHR character edit voucher
Players can get the character edit voucher at the Nintendo eshop. On the home screen, you will see the Nintendo eshop button. After clicking on it you will see a list of DLC’s you can buy. Scroll down and you will find the Free character edit voucher. All players get one free character edit voucher with the 2.0 update. You can buy more from the same store at USD 1 per character edit voucher. To use the voucher go to the home menu and press “continue”. Before taking you to load a save, the game will give you an option to redeem your character edit voucher. Press the Y button to use it.

While you could change Hair, makeup, voice, and clothing, with the character edit voucher you can practically build your character from the scratch. Players can change the gender of the character, choose the color of their skin, change personal attributes like the shape and size of their nose. MHR already has a very unique world. This update helps you build your character in a way that would help it blend in this world perfectly. Remember that you will probably get only one free voucher so use it wisely, or maybe not if you have some dollars to spare.

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