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Where To Get A Block Of Ice In Monster Hunter Rise

Find out where to get a Block of Ice in MHR.

The Block of Ice is an important resource that you can find in Monster Hunter Rise. It is very useful in crafting weapons and upgrading them. The Ice Block is part of MHR’s crafting mechanic and has a pretty important role. You can get this resource from only one monster in the game. In this guide, we will tell you where you can find a Block of Ice in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to get a Block of Ice in Monster Hunter Rise


Monster Hunter Rise Block Of Ice
Get a Block Of Ice by defeating the Goss Harag.
  • The best way to get a Block of Ice is to defeat the Goss Harag monster.
  • You can find the Goss Harag in the Frost Islands.
  • The Goss harag usually spawns in Sector 9 of the Frost Islands.
  • The best way to defeat Goss Harag is to attack its limbs.
  • Try attacking the frosted parts on the limbs in order to expose the Goss Harag’s body underneath.
  • After you defeat the Goss Harag there is a 14% chance you get the Block of Ice as a target reward.
  • For capturing a Goss Harag there is a 12% chance you can get a Block of Ice.
  • Carving the body has a 35% chance of getting a Block of Ice and you can do this twice.

How to farm Block of Ice in MH Rise


  • The best way to farm any resource such as the Block of Ice from a monster is to go on a quest specific to that monster.
  • You can either choose to go on a Village quest or a Hub quest with your friends.

Village quest:

  • Abominable Snow-beast


Hub Quests

  • Beastly Chaos
  • The Blizzard Blender
  • A Frosty Stalemate
  •  It’s Gonna Get You!

Items made using the Block of Ice in MHR



  • Chillblade I
  • Crystalline Flower I
  • Gelid Mind I
  • Surprise Axe I
  • Gossblade I
  • Gossgun I
  • Mincing Blade I
  • Yeti Hammer I

This is everything you need to know about how to get a Block of Ice in Monster Hunter Rise. While you are here learn how to capture Goss Harag by crafting traps. You can also checkout where to get the Pawprint Stamp in MH Rise.