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Monster Hunter Rise: How To Get Armor Spheres

This article will guide you on how to find Armor Spheres in MHR

The armor sphere in MHR helps you upgrade your armor improving the defense of your character which is a vital part of this game. They can be a hard find and are considered as a special item. They fuse with your armor to help sustain more damage. The initial armor upgrades may require a menial amount of this material. But as you advance in the game further, the required amount of these Spheres keeps on increasing. You can also spend them at the Blacksmith in the village. If you find yourself lost in Monster Hunter Rise, how to Get Armor Spheres or how to use them, make sure you keep reading this step-by-step guide.

How to Get Armor Spheres in Monster Hunter Rise?


This is how you can farm Armor Spheres in MHR:

Complete the optional subquests to get Armor Spheres in MHR

Optional Subquests


The easiest way to farm Armor Spheres is to complete the subquests in the game. You can simply talk to Hinoa or Minoto for these quests. Most of these Optional Quests drop this material and aren’t much of a hassle to complete alongside the main quests. We recommend at least 5 subquests to be selected at the same time. The main quests do drop these spheres however, the chances are very low.

Get them from the Endemic Life in Monster Hunter Rise

Endemic life Monster Hunter Rise


These crafty creatures: Rock Lizard, Boulder Lizard, and Scale Lizard will drop them when you kick these poor little fellas. Mind you, their locations are very random and you cannot be dependent solely on these lizards for your Spheres.

Types of Armor Spheres in MHR

Armor Sphere MHR


  • Armor Sphere (Value 1)
  • Armor Sphere+ (Value 5)
  • Advanced Armor Sphere (Value 20)
  • Hard Armor Sphere (Value 80)

They sure make crafting much easier and give your armor the right kind of defense in MHR. That will be all for our guide on Monster Hunter Rise: Where to Find Armor Spheres. If you want to know how to find Wyvern Gems, check out our guide right here.