How to Enter Mad Monk’s Lair and Locate Treasure chest Key: AC Valhalla

Want some nickel ingot then read this guide to locate Mad Monk's Lair and the secret key.

Monk’s Lair is a remote area located in the Suthsexe region of the map. Look towards the south and this area’s suggested power level is 160. Monk’s Lair has a huge scent with nickel ingot in it. It is very easy to collect the only challenge is finding the key to the chest. First I will help you with Monk Lair’s location and later will share with you the exact location of the key. The key is hidden inside a tomb which is locked from the outside. If you can open that you can grab the treasure.

Where to find Monk’s Lair?

Valhalla Monk's Lair Location

In the Suthsexe region towards the south reach the location as marked on the map. This is the place where you will find a hut in the jungle area. There will be no one around the house. Inside you will find a letter with a puzzle on the same. The chest is also inside near the door. Here is how to find the key for Monk’s Lair chest in Valhalla.

Valhalla Monk's Lair Location

Monk’s Lair Chest Key Location

Valhalla Monk's Lair Key Location

Walk to the west of the house and not far you will find a tomb made of stone. Look for a cross sign, the tomb is blocked by a pile of rocks. You cannot move it, so go to the exact backside of the tomb’s door.  There is a small window carved in the rocks. Look for a wooden box and use the bow arrow to break it.

Return to the tombs’ door, move the pile of rocks and grab the key. It is on the floor. That’s it you got the key for the treasure chest in Monk’s Lair. Return to the house and unlock the chest to collect Nickel Ingot.

That’s how you can enter the Monk’s Lair and grab the treasure. You can get more treasure by scanning our AC Valhalla Wiki guide. We have a separate section for farming various items that you will need to upgrade your weapons and armors.

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