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NFS Heat Money Glitch

Wondering how to earn a gazillion amount of money in NFS Heat? Check out this NFS Heat Money Glitch.

Who doesn’t like having a ton of money in NFS. It pays for upgrades, customization, and of course high-performance cars. NFS Heat features the legal day and illicit night mode races. One earns you money and the other earns you a reputation and increases the risk of losing it all. Here’s how you can use the NFS Heat Money Glitch and increase your amount of money.


NFS Heat Money Glitch

Glitches NFS Heat

The NFS Heat Money Glitch will require a lot of focus. If you get even one of the steps wrong then it will not work for you. Follow this step to step process to exploit the glitch and crazy amount of money:

  • Start a Solo Game.
  • Choose the Day Mode.
  • Head to the Car Dealership and purchase the most expensive car that you can afford.
  • Make sure you send it to the Garage after purchasing.
  • Fast Travel to the Garage yourself.
  • Go to the Showcase and swap the new car in the lineup.
  • Now disconnect your Internet and sell your new car after the screen displays the alert Connection Lost.

Money Glitch NFS Heat

  • Open the Menu. There should be an option called Go Online.
  • This here is the important part of the NFS Heat Money Glitch and you have to get this right.
  • Turn on your Internet and Click on Go Online.
NFS Heat Go Online
Image Source: Gameplay Couch (YouTube)
  • As soon as you see two blue bars, Close the Game Application (You will have to do this once in this process).
  • Restart the Game and you will get an Item Synchronization Failed alert.

Item Synchronization Failed

  • Now to get more money, disconnect the internet and accept the Connection Lost error and turn the Internet back on.
  • Press on Go Online and accept the Item Synchronization Failed alert and you will notice the money increasing by the value of the sold car.
  • Keep repeating the process as many times as you want and you will notice the money increasing.

Once you are done with increasing the money go into a solo game and let the game load everything. You will be back in the garage and now you can exit the application to save the changes in the money.


Even if you do not have a lot of money at the start keep doing this glitch by following the process but changing to more expensive cars every time. That is how you can earn a gazillion amount of money with the NFS Heat Money Glitch. While you are here, check out more guides, tips & tricks on NFS Heat right here on Gamer Tweak.