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Dying Light 2 – How To Make Money Quickly?

Read this guide to learn how to make money quickly in Dying Light 2 (DL2)

Just like in the real world, money can help you get access to loads of useful items and resources in Dying Light 2. Having a decent amount of money can help you progress through the game a little more easily. You will find yourself quickly acquiring the weapons and resources of your choice really quickly. We understand how important money can be in the game, which is why we’ve come up with a guide that shows how you can get your hands on the quick stuff really quickly in Dying Light 2.

How to Make Money Fast in Dying Light 2 – Money Farming Guide



Selling Weapons & Items to get Money Fast in Dying Light 2

One of the quickest ways to get your hands on money in Dying Light 2 is by selling weapons and items. The easiest way to acquire these items is by scavenging around the map. We recommend you pick up any item that you find, regardless of its use.


Once you acquire items, you can sell them off at vendors across the game. Of all the items in Dying Light 2, Crystal Cores are one of the most valuable. You will be able to find them in areas that have fluorescent yellow GRE chemicals.

Additionally, you can also sell items and weapons at safe zones like the Fisheye, Peacekeeper compounds, and the Bazaar.

Playing Side Quests & Encounters


Successfully completing side quests and encounters will help you earn money. Completing several of these quests will help you quickly rack up a decent amount of money.

Apart from quests, you can also take part in random encounters. You can find these by looking for the blue quest markers on the map. Completing these events will give you small amounts of money.

Loot Corpses


Looting corpses in Dying Light 2 is another great way of acquiring funds fast. Every time you defeat a zombie or a human, you will be able to loot their corpse. Apart from money, you can also get your hands on important materials.

Defeat Trickier Enemies

While this might be a little challenging for those who are new to the game, this is actually a good way of earning money fast in Dying Light 2.

When you fight enemies like zombies and Renegades, you will probably spot a unique variant of these enemies during battle. Picking on them and fighting them can help you earn bigger amounts of money. (for e.g, try to fight Volatiles and Chargers)

So there you have it. These are all of the different ways you can get money fast in Dying Light 2. As you can see, there are several different ways of raising big amounts of money in the game. You can either choose any one method from this guide or just go all-out and try all of them.

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