How to Defeat Moma Boss in No Straight Roads – Boss Fight Walkthrough

The mama boss is tough, with over four waves of fight you will need a lot of help in defeating her. But you can do that with tips and tricks in this guide, also check the boss fight video.

You can download No Straight Roads PC demo edition and learn about the game for the first time. No Straight Roads features a rock band against EDM, lucrative colorful environment, popping music, groovy steps, and more. This game is a audiovisual treat and here is how to beat the Moma boss in No Straight Roads. You will fight her in the full game also, with four waves of boss fight it is not easy to beat her if you do not know what exactly to do.

How to beat Moma Boss in No Straight Roads?

Mama Boss Fight No Straight Roads

No Straight Roads moma boss fight begins after you break the lock and hit the stage. The objective is to attack the girl on the piano that triggers the next wave of boss fight. The first phase is easy, run around and grab the glowing notes on the stage. Press right-click to attack the piano girl. At the same time dodge the big musical notes, by running around or jumping. Continue this for a while and the Moma boss appears.

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  • Hold F to play Music
  • Hold F near Stage Lights to turn them into a cannon. (Girl)
  • Hold F near Stage Lights to transform.(Boy)
  • Break the crates for consumables.
  • Press G to switch between characters.

Wave 1 – Moma Boss Fight

Mama Boss Fight No Straight Roads

Always break the creates on the floor by using the attack key, the left mouse click. It will give you consumables snacks to restore health. Go near the stage lights and hold F to charge them. If you charge it as the girl the stage lights will turn to cannon and shoot the piano girl. If you do the same as the boy it will turn into a gadget puking the glowing notes, you can use to attack the boss.

Look for a green target arrow, shoot the boss to enter into a phase where you can directly hit the boss. You can see see a meter on the top when EDM meter is high the boss is stronger, and when the hand it towards the rock your band has more power. After hitting the boss the stage will turn red, this where you have to just avoid the attacks. Jump around and keep running, there is no use of breaking creates or charging the stage lights.

The phase will continue until you hit the piano girl and enter into the mode where the Rock band can attack the Moma boss for the second time. This is where Moma Boss fight Wave 1 ends and Wave 2 starts. She will fully reveal herself and fight will be more tougher.

Wave 2 – Moma Boss Fight

Mama Boss Fight No Straight Roads

The strategy is the same, hit the piano girl by gathering the glowing notes from the ground. Break the crates for consumable and charge the stage lights to turn them into a cannon. The notes that you can collect and the stage light cannon will hit the girl. Focus on these two attacks, be ready to dodge the slam attack and massive boulder attacks.

Mama Boss Fight No Straight Roads

If the entire ground is red jump to avoid the slam attack, and if you see rounds then run to the green area. Be ready to attack the boss as she glows in white. This is your chance to end this wave and enter the final Wave 3 of No Straight Roads Moma boss fight.

Wave 4 – Moma Boss Final Fight

Mama Boss Fight No Straight Roads

The most annoying part of this wave is the dampers, they cover a massive area and can crush you. And it is not easy to remember the red patches on the ground, you cannot dodge them by jumping. The only way to save your self is to stay in the green area. The edges are mostly safe, charge the stage light and it will keep shooting the boss. The boss will slam its face on the stage, and stuck for a while. Be ready to hit the head, the health meter on the top right will finally start to drain.

There will be glowing notes on the floor grab them and it can damage more compared to the light cannons. A lot of dodging and running away is required here. With the presence of mind standing in the green zone will avoid you to die. You have to wait for the chance then the boss slams its face on the ground and freezes.

That’s it, you can finally defeat the Moma boss in No Straight Roads. Enjoy the end scenes and there are a lot of groovy bosses in the game. Each has an attack pattern, learning that will help you to deal with them.