How to Get the Ghost Azrael (Grim Reaper) Operator Skin in Modern Warfare

Here's how to get Ghost's Azrael Skin in Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare has just added yet another Operator skin ‘Ghost Azrael’ (Grim Reaper) similar to Leatherface and Saw. Unlike other Modern Warfare skins, Ghost’s Azrael skin can not be acquired using Trick or Treat supply crates or without shelling out real money. The Azrael Operator skin for Ghost lies in the Ghost Grim Reaper bundle located in the in-game store.

How to Get Ghost’s Azrael Skin

In order to unlock Ghost’s Azreal Operator skin, you will have to shell out 2400 COD points (Approximately $19.99) to buy the Ghost Grim Reaper bundle from the in-game store. In order to keep the spooky theme prevalent, both weapons in this bundle come with Soul Tracer Rounds, which adds a ghostly green glow to shots fired.

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Despite having dismemberment effects, this reaper likes to keep his kills clean. As with all other high priced bundles, the pack comes with a couple of weapons and a skin. ghost Azrael grim reaper pack

Let’s take a look at what’s on offer:

  • Ghost Operator Skin (Legendary) – Azrael
  • FAL Blueprint (Legendary) – Soul Reaper
  • ISO Blueprint (Legendary) – Purgatory
  • Knife Blueprint (Legendary) – Sickle
  • Weapon Charm (Epic) – Reaper
  • Ghost Quip (Epic) – Hard Lines
  • Calling Card (Epic) – Hades
  • Emblem (Epic) – Spectre of Death
  • Spray (Epic) – Vision

There is no denying that Ghost is one of the most popular characters, which means lobbies will more likely to be filled with the already heavily used operator now sporting Death’s vestments. Additionally, the FAL is no slouch post its headshot buff in Season 4 and has been a favourite weapon for a lot of players.

Considering the themed nature of this bundle, the ability to purchase the pack might disappear soon after The Haunting of Verdansk event comes to an end. If you are keen to enhance skills as the edgiest Ghost yet, make sure to secure the Ghost Grim Reaper as early as possible.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Ghost’s Azreal Skin in Modern Warfare. For more such Call of Duty guides, stay with Gamer Tweak!