What Is The Roblox Moderated Item Robux Policy? (2023)

Started the game and received this new message? Check this guide to know what it means.

In Roblox, you can spend Robux to get Premium Items. A lot of times these items get disappeared from your inventory because it was a fraud item made by someone who violated the Roblox Terms of Use (ToU). This policy was introduced to protect the users in case they end up buying such fraudulent items. So in this guide let us understand better what the new Roblox Moderated Item Robux Policy is.

What does the Roblox Moderated Item Robux Policy mean?

what is the roblox moderated item robux policy
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This is a policy that protects users when they get involved in item-related scams, it works in two ways. If you are the user who accidentally purchased an item that violates the Roblox Terms of Use. You will get a refund for it as Robux. If you are the creator of such items which don’t follow the ToU, then you agree to not receive any Robux for them. Additionally, if you were involved in the creation of such items your Roblox account can get terminated.

Roblox Moderated Item Robux Policy message

If you had purchased an item that didn’t comply with the Roblox ToU. You can find the following message in your inbox.

  • “Robux credit pending, please review and accept the agreement.
    Your account is eligible for the items you purchased that can no longer be worn by your avatar.
    To receive the credit please review and agree the terms of the: Agreement
    We apologize for the inconvenience
    Sincerely, The Roblox Team”

If you see this above message click on Agreement. Next, you will get this message.

  • “By clicking I agree button below, you promise that you are not seeking a return of Robux for items created by you or for items that you knew at the time you acquired them were in violation of the Roblox Terms of Use and Roblox Community Guidelines. A breach of this promise may be ground for termination of your Roblox account. You will not receive any adjustment of Robux if you were not previously notified by Roblox that you are eligible for an adjustment.”

Here click on I agree. After that, you should receive the Robux as compensation for your missing item.

This policy was introduced because Parents used to sue Roblox for removing items from their child’s account. If you didn’t create anything which doesn’t follow the Roblox ToU, you can agree with the above notification without worrying.

That sums up this guide on Roblox Moderated Item Robux Policy. Since you like playing this game be sure to check more of our Roblox guides.

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