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How To Get Diamonds Fast In Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB)

All the different ways to get Diamonds in Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

Anyone who has invested enough time playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang knows that earning diamonds can be a painful task. But as you know, this currency will get the power to buy new important heroes and new skins. We know how much you want that one hero that is just out of your diamond budget but you have been dreaming about it. As always, we are here to help you. In this guide, we will tell you all the possible ways to earn Diamonds fast in Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB).

Ways to Get Diamonds in Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB)


There are different ways to get and earn diamonds in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. They are buying the Diamonds, Lucky Spin, Tournaments, and Live Streaming.

Buy the Diamonds

Buy Diamonds Mobile Legends


Now let’s get the most obvious out of the way. You can buy the Diamonds using real money. If you are okay to pay some money out of your pockets to get a bunch of diamonds, this method is for you. The fastest and the most expensive way out of all the strategies is to simply purchase the Diamonds. The bunches sold range from 99 cents to 100 dollars per bunch. Now some third-party sites sell these diamonds but we cannot guarantee the safety of those sites to get Diamonds for Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

Lucky Spin



Another way to reload the diamonds is by trying your luck in the Lucky Spin. The game has a Lucky Spin option in the Draw tab of the shop. The spin, along with some really cool in-game resources also gives you a chance to earn some diamonds. This might be a long shot but worth trying if you feeling lucky. You might even earn some Diamonds easily if the luck is on your side for MLBB.




Tournaments are another way that will give you a bucket load of diamonds. If you feel confident about your hero and your gameplay, do participate in these. They are highly competitive but with equally high rewards. Register for these tournaments and you will get a chance to win the diamonds and some real money too! For example, Moonton usually hosts Mobile Legends: Diamond Challenge Series which have some of the biggest price pools.

Live Streaming

How To Get Diamonds Fast In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB)

You can live stream your gameplay of Mobile Legends Bang Bang to Earn some Diamonds. The audience watching your gameplay can gift you some of these. Your viewers can gift you a range of things that are valued in diamonds. Below is a list of the same:

  • Flower: 2 Diamonds
  • Jewelry: 6 Diamonds
  • Roadster: 250 Diamonds
  • Yacht: 1000 Diamonds
  • Airplane: 5000 Diamonds

So that is all for our guide on how to get Diamonds in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). If you would like to know some offline games to play, consider checking this article 20 Best Offline Android Games That Don’t Need Internet.