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MM2 Roblox Halloween 2021 Update And All Rewards List

In this guide check out all about the MM2 Halloween 2021 update.

MM2 is a game for Roblox developed by @Nikilis. And Halloween 2021 update is there just in time with the season. It is the 7th Halloween event for this game. And this event also introduces the evolving system. This update brings lots of different knives and guns. So in this guide let us take a look at all the information about the MM2 Halloween Update.

What is new in the MM2 Halloween 2021 Update


mm2 halloween 2021 update roblox

In this event, a gun, an Ancient knife, and two goldy knives are introduced. And, this event also brings a battle pass by the name Halloween box 2021. Opening a Box costs one Reaver Key or 600 candles. It has 30 tiers and the first tier is freely unlocked for everyone. Reaver Keys are tradeable. The highlight items in this event are the Candleflame knife and the Chroma Candleflame knife.

This event also brings a lot of changes that weren’t there in the previous events. The first is the introduction of the reaver key that replaced the pumpkin key. The second change is the first ever introduction of 2 Ancients in the same event. And lastly, this is the first time that this event has had an Ancient gun.


Halloween Box 2021 Rewards

  • Common Drops
    • Ghostly Knife: Has a 70% drop chance.
    • Cat Gun: Has a 70% drop chance.
    • Cracks Knife: Has a 70% drop chance.
    • Stickers Knife: Has a 70% drop chance.
  • Uncommon Drops
    • Gothic Knife: Has a 20% drop chance.
    • Wraiths Gun: Has a 20% drop chance.
    • Fall Camo: Has a 20% drop chance.
  • Rare Drops
    • Magma Knife: Has a 15% drop chance.
    • Spectator Knife: Has a 15% drop chance.
  • Legendary Drops
    • Spectral Gun: Has a 5% drop chance.
  • Godly Drops
    • Candleflame Knife: Has a 1% drop chance.
  • Chroma Godly
    • Chroma Candleflame Knife: Has a less than 1% drop chance.

That covers everything you need to know about the MM2 Halloween 2021 update. If you like playing this game then check out more of our guides on Roblox.