Roblox Murder Mystery 2: How To Throw Knife In MM2?

Wondering how to throw a Knife in Murder Mystery 2? Find out here.

In Murder Mystery 2, there is one murderer, a sheriff and the rest are innocents. If you are the murderer, then the weapon you get is a Knife which you can use to kill the sheriff as well as innocents. In this case, it’s all about stealth which is why you need to know how to throw your knife in MM2. You can catch players off guard with this trick and lead you to victory. Let’s look at what you need to do.

How to Throw a Knife in Murder Mystery 2

There are a few controls you need to keep in mind to throw a knife in MM2 as a murderer. We’ve listed them below based on the platform you are playing on – PC, Console or Mobile.

  • PC players can press the 1 key to whip out your knife. Then the E key on the keyboard to throw the knife after aiming correctly with the Shift button.
  • Mobile players can simply press the THROW button on the screen with your knife taken out.
  • If you are playing the game on the Xbox One console, you have to equip the knife and press LT on the controller to throw wherever you are aiming.

Since your job as the murderer is to stealthily kill all other players on the map, remember to bring out your knife at the right time. It means that you have to be near 1 person or at the max 2 people. If you make the mistake of showing your Knife when more players are around, everyone will know who is the murderer. Also be careful when you are near the Sheriff because they ill have a Gun. So, approach them carefully and do a stealth kill if you don’t want to get shot. If you are near any innocent, you can do a melee attack but from afar, it’s best to do a range attack and then act innocent.

That’s all you need to know about how to throw knife in Murder Mystery 2. Don’t miss out on our latest codes for this game to get some in-game rewards.