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Complete Diamond Dynasty Conquests Guide For MLB The Show 21

Find out more about the Diamond Dynasty Conquests Mode in MLB.

Conquest is a Single-Player game mode in MLB The Show 21. It basically is a map-like system where you have to conquer an area to earn rewards. The overall layout is sort of reminiscent of Minesweeper without the bombs. Each area you access on the Conquests map will have its own unique reward. There are various maps for you to choose from on your journey through Diamond Dynasty. So scroll down and read below to know more about the Diamond Dynasty Conquests in MLB The Show 21.


How to take part in Diamond Dynasty Conquests in MLB The Show 21

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty Conquests Guide
Conquer areas and steal fans in the Conquests maps to earn rewards.

First, you will have to access the Conquests section in the menu. You can find it in the Diamond Dynasty mode. Go to the Singleplayer tab on the bottom of the screen. Once you open it you will see the Conquests option. Now the Conquests mode already has some preloaded maps that you can play. There are bound to be more that shall be added with time.

Check the goals you need to complete

Having a look at the goals will give you a good idea of what is supposed to be done while attacking a particular map. You can even check the goals to see if the rewards are feasible enough for you. This will also show you what steps you need to take in order to complete a map.

Now, there are 4 aspects to conquering a map, Attack, Steal, Reinforce, and Move. They are pretty easy to master and you will get the hang of them by just remembering a few tips about them.


Attack to conquer a Diamond Dynasty Conquests maps in MLB

The Attack phase is the first stage of conquering a Diamond Dynasty Conquest map in MLB. It is wise to capture as many open territories that you can during the attack phase. You can even simulate these matches so that you don’t spend much time on this. Only if you are capturing an opponent’s stronghold makes it kind of important for you to get your hands dirty. Otherwise, the AI will take over for the less serious matchups. If your opponent doesn’t have many fans you can play at a lower difficulty setting. The more area you capture, the more amount of fans you will have.

Stealing fans

The more amount of fans you steal during Diamond Dynasty Conquests the stronger your side will get. Attack oppositions head-on with a higher difficulty setting engaged.  This will allow you to earn a larger number of fans. Stealing fans is important in the earlier stages of conquering a map.


Reinforcing territory in Diamond Dynasty Conquests maps in MLB

Reinforcement will allow you to get even more fans in your territory. It is an important factor in making your side stronger. You can choose between being strategic and creating strongholds to progress through the map or you can become a bull in a china shop by placing your reinforcements in a single quadrant and just go head-on into everything. This can work to your benefit as the challenges you face are not that strong and you can take manual control if need be.


This feature will help you in shifting the territories your fans are in. As you keep conquering more places on the map, keep placing your fans all over so that you retain control of that region. The more territories you capture will dictate the number of fans you get.


This is everything you need to know about the Diamond Dynasty Conquests in MLB The Show 21. Now, while you are here, have a look at some of the Legends in the game. If you prefer building teams have a look at some of the talented budding youngsters in the game.