MLB The Show 21 Cover Player: Who Is The Star Athlete?

Want to know which Baseball star is on the Cover of MLB 21? Read on to find out.

Most sports games are annual as the developers want to make the most of the yearly peak of the season and MLB is no different. With the games being annual, there aren’t many new features with every edition, but they do have new rookies added every year. Another major question is who will grace the cover of the game. That’s because being on the cover of MLB The Show 21 gives a huge boost to the player’s popularity and makes them popular worldwide. Being on the cover adds to the marketability of the player making them and their managers very rich, so let’s find out who is on the cover of MLB the Show 21.

Who is the Player on the Cover of MLB the Show 21?

MLB The Show 21 cover athlete

This year Fernando Tatis Jr. is the athlete on the Cover of MLB the Show 21. The 22-year-old Dominican baseball player, who initially signed a Major League Baseball contract in 2019. Fernando also goes by the nickname “El Nino”. Although Fernando has had a good season it was not only his performance but the In-game antics that got him on the cover. Fernando has this habit of flipping his bat, which has become so popular many fans know him because of it and there are regular demands from on-field spectators to see the bat flip. Maybe the Developers saw this as an opportunity and put Fernando on the Cover doing his famous Bat flip.

MLB The Show 21 cover athlete

MLB the Show 21 also has a Digital Deluxe Edition and a Jackie Robinson Edition. As the name suggests these versions pay tribute to Jackie Robinson, the first African-American to play Major League Baseball. These are some of the extra features you get in Jackie Robinson edition like:

  • 1 Diamond Choice pack
  • Jackie Robinson bat skin
  • 1 Ballplayer Equipment pack
  • 10k Stubs
  • 10 The Show packs
  • 2 Gold Choice packs

The Digital Deluxe edition also has Jackie Robinson on its cover and gives players 1 more diamond choice pack and 15k extra stubs. The Jackie Robinson and the Digital Deluxe editions are available on PS4 and PS5.

That’s all about the player on the cover of MLB The Show 21. For more, check out the linked article to know about the various game modes in MLB the Show 21 and get a good start.