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How To Get Mk2 Weapons In GTA Online (2023)

Check out this guide to get Mk2 Weapons in GTA Online.

GTA 5, the flagship game of Rockstar released almost a decade ago with tons of in-game activities. The game features an online mode besides its famous three-character story mode. Being a Gangstar or a Business-Man, the in-game character is always required to carry a weapon for combat. These weapons are good to go, but some are upgradeable. These weapons when upgraded are known as Mk2 weapons in GTA. However, upgrading this weapon to MK2 has specific requirements. Here’s our guide that highlights the steps using which you can get Mk2 weapons in GTA Online.

How to Get MK2 Weapons in GTA Online

MK2 weapons are more effective than the MK1 or basic weapons. This upgraded version finishes the enemy with comparatively lesser bullets. A MOC (Mobile Operations Center) is a very useful vehicle that carries a huge container behind it. Inside the container, there is a weapon space that is a must for getting an MK2 weapon. To get MK2 weapons, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your cellphone or laptop in the game.
  2. Access the Internet.
  3. Now, there are two requirements to get MK2 weapons, a Bunker, and a MOC with a weapon space.
    How to get MK2 weapons in GTA Online
  4. Enter the website, Foreclosures Maze Bank.
  5. A city map will appear. The locations marked with blue colors are Bunkers. The cheapest bunker costs $1,165,000, however, the most expensive one is $2,375,000.
  6. Select and further purchase any one of them.
    How to get MK2 weapons in GTA Online
  7. Now go back and enter the website, Warstock Cache and Carry.
  8. Select the Mobile Operations Center and purchase it for $1,225,000
  9. Now access the Maze Bank website again and click on the Arcade for its location.
  10. The Arcades are the Yellow spots on the map. The cheapest Arcade costs around $1,235,000, whereas, the most expensive cost around $2,530,000.
  11. Arcades have a garage wherein you can store your MOC. The Arcade also has a Master Control terminal from which you can handle all your services.
  12. After the purchase, get inside the Bunker and access your laptop.
  13. Enter the Disruption Logistics and click on Management Staff.
  14. Click on Assign Staff to Research.
  15. Click on Research and select Fast-Track Research to complete it quickly. You can also wait for the Research to finish without paying, but it requires patience.
  16. The progress can be tracked on the Research Progress bar.
  17. Now go to your Mobile Operations Center.
  18. Go to the weapon space and select any weapon you want to upgrade.
    How to get MK2 Weapons in GTA Online
  19. Click on Upgrade and further select its MK2 variant.
  20. Once upgraded, it is possible to add extra attachments and camos to the weapon.

That’s all you should know about getting the Mk2 Weapons in GTA Online. If you found this helpful, make sure to check out our other GTA Online guides.