Jacqui Briggs Combos Guide & List – Mortal Kombat 11 Moves Tutorial

Get list of all combo moves of Jacqui Briggs and how to perform them

Jacqui Briggs is the daughter of Jax Briggs a lot more similar to him, but she is more upgraded. Similar to his father she uses a lot of punches and kicks but some of her moves force rush is good enough to push any opponent off ground. In this MK11 Jax Briggs Combos Guide, you will learn his combo moves and learn about controls to perform them on PS4. Jacqui also uses a few advance techs that work on her favor like summoning a shield to block attacks or to shoot projectiles. She has a hand cannon that she can use to shoot from distance.

Jacqui Briggs Combos Tutorial – PS4 Controls

  1. Justice For All – D-pad Left + X, Square, Circle, Square + X.
  2. All For One – D-pad Left + X, Square, Circle.
  3. In The Trenches – D-pad Right + X, Triangle, Circle.
  4. Energy Overdrive – D-pad Left + Triangle, Triangle.
  5. Snake Eater – Triangle, Triangle, Circle.
  6. Fallin Soldier – D-pad Left + Circle, Circle.
  7. Shrapnel Blast (Air) – D-pad Down + D-pad Right + Square.
  8. Bionic Dash – D-pad Right + D-pad Left + Triangle.
  9. Grease Kick – D-pad Down + D-pad Left + Circle.

Jacqui Briggs is a pretty strong character and you won’t find hard to beat an opponent if you are playing as her. She is good enough to release a bunch of multiple combos and bring anyone down. But do watch for the fatal blows, you cannot cancel it. Some of the air dash and high kicks are amazing to beat the strongest of the opponents. Try experimenting with different moves.

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